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Dutch_Freak: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2013-04-10T3ADQA0Tier 1RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2RaidCall Dota 2 LeagueRaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2Re-defining MadnessRe-defining MadnessRe-defining Madness 
2013-03-30MC13 - 16thA0Tier 1The Defense Season 3The Defense Season 3Re-defining MadnessRe-defining MadnessRe-defining Madness0 : 2Team LiquidTeam Liquid 
2013-03-03GA7 - 8thA2Tier 3DotaHut InvitationalDotaHut InvitationalMTwMortal TeamworkMortal Teamwork1 : 24 Friends + Chrillee4 Friends + Chrillee 
2013-02-24IG9 - 16thA4MonthlyBigpoint Battle #1Bigpoint BattleBigpoint Battle #1Re-defining MadnessRe-defining MadnessRe-defining Madness0 : 2Lions PrideLions Pride 
2012-11-13BA2ndA2Tier 3atoD Showdown 2atoD Showdown 2MTwMortal TeamworkMortal Teamwork1 : 2Team EmpireTeam Empire$297
2012-11-11EC5 - 8thA2Tier 3AVerMedia Dota 2 CupAVerMedia Dota 2 CupMTwMortal TeamworkMortal Teamwork0 : 2The A-TeamThe A-Team 
2012-11-09EC5 - 8thA2Tier 3joinDOTA Masters Special Edition IIjoinDOTA Masters Special Edition IIMTwMortal TeamworkMortal Teamwork0 : 1Team EmpireTeam Empire 
2012-03-04MK13 - 24thA0Tier 1The Defense Season 1The Defense Season 1LowLandLionsLowLandLionsLowLandLions1/-/4Grp S.