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ESL Meisterschaft 2020 Season 1

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[e][h]ESL Meisterschaft 2020 Season 1
League Information
ESL Meisterschaft
Germany Germany
Group Stage
Prize Pool:
€26,700 EUR
(≃ $31,607 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


  • Participants
    • Six teams from open qualifiers (two from each qualifier)
    • Six teams from closed qualifier
  • Group Stage
    • Two groups of six teams each
    • Double round-robin
    • All matches are Bo2
      • Teams earn 3 points per game win
    • Top team from each group advance to the playoffs semifinals
    • 2nd and 3rd place teams from each group advance to the playoffs quarterfinals
    • 4th place teams from each group are eliminated but invited for next season
    • Bottom two teams from each group are eliminated and drop down to relegation playoffs
  • Playoffs
    • Single-elimination bracket
    • All matches are Bo3

Broadcast Talent[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

€26,700 EUR (≃ $31,607 USD) are spread among the participants as seen below:

(Converted USD prizes are based on the exchange rate on Sep 5, 2020: €1 EUR ≃ $1.1838 USD)


hehe united
SGermany Mego
Main RosterFormer
4Romania Mangus
Main RosterSubstitutes
1Nicaragua Yuma
2Lebanon No!ob
3Germany hwa
4Lebanon Eixn
5Germany Winou
1 Czech Republic Supream^ joined Ninjas in Pyjamas on April 22nd, 2020 and was replaced by canceL^^.
2 PlatzhaltGER was signed by Kolossus on May 5th.[1]
3 Meow111 was signed by Recast Gaming on May 18th.[2]
4 Flexpick Sniper was signed by eSport Rhein-Neckar on May 19th.[3]
5 Kolossus were disqualified on May 19th after it was ruled that United Kingdom Adzantick, Lebanon Rajjix, and Germany Qupe were ineligible to compete.[4] They were replaced by Abfahrt.
6 Pato dando vueltas HD was signed by Kolossus on May 21st.[5]

Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

1.Topf Voll OtterTopf Voll Otter Topf Voll Otter6-3-115-545
2.airGERlichairGERlich airGERlich4-5-113-739
3.eSport Rhein-NeckareSport Rhein-Neckar eSport Rhein-Neckar3-6-112-836
4.EURONICS GamingEURONICS Gaming EURONICS Gaming2-7-111-933
5.KolossusKolossus Kolossus3-0-76-1418
6.IVYIVY IVY0-3-73-179
EURONICS GamingEURONICS Gaming1-1Matchday 72-0Matchday 91-1Matchday 60-2Matchday 101-1Matchday 82-21-1, 1-14-02-0, 2-02-21-1, 1-11-30-2, 1-12-21-1, 1-1
eSport Rhein-NeckareSport Rhein-Neckar1-1Matchday 22-0Matchday 82-0Matchday 91-1Matchday 61-1Matchday 102-21-1, 1-12-22-0, 0-23-12-0, 1-13-11-1, 2-02-21-1, 1-1
KolossusKolossus0-2Matchday 42-0Matchday 32-0Matchday 100-2Matchday 70-2Matchday 60-40-2, 0-22-22-0, 0-24-02-0, 2-00-40-2, 0-20-40-2, 0-2
IVYIVY1-1Matchday 11-1Matchday 40-2Matchday 50-2Matchday 80-2Matchday 72-21-1, 1-11-31-1, 0-20-40-2, 0-20-40-2, 0-20-40-2, 0-2
Topf Voll OtterTopf Voll Otter1-1Matchday 50-2Matchday 12-0Matchday 22-0Matchday 32-0Matchday 93-11-1, 2-01-30-2, 1-14-02-0, 2-04-02-0, 2-03-12-0, 1-1
airGERlichairGERlich1-1Matchday 31-1Matchday 52-0Matchday 12-0Matchday 21-1Matchday 42-21-1, 1-12-21-1, 1-14-02-0, 2-04-02-0, 2-01-31-1, 0-2
EURONICS GamingEURONICS GamingeSport Rhein-NeckareSport Rhein-NeckarKolossusKolossusIVYIVYTopf Voll OtterTopf Voll OtterairGERlichairGERlich

Group B[edit]

1.Recast GamingRecast Gaming Recast Gaming8-2-018-254
2.5UpJungz5UpJungz 5UpJungz6-2-214-642
3.hehe unitedhehe united hehe united6-2-214-642
4.Team DestinyTeam Destiny Team Destiny3-0-76-1418
5.Playing DucksPlaying Ducks Playing Ducks3-0-76-1418
6.AbfahrtAbfahrt Abfahrt1-0-92-186
hehe unitedhehe united0-2Matchday 62-0Matchday 92-0Matchday 102-0Matchday 81-1Matchday 71-30-2, 1-14-02-0, 2-04-02-0, 2-04-02-0, 2-01-31-1, 0-2
Recast GamingRecast Gaming1-1Matchday 12-0Matchday 102-0Matchday 72-0Matchday 92-0Matchday 83-11-1, 2-04-02-0, 2-04-02-0, 2-04-02-0, 2-03-12-0, 1-1
AbfahrtAbfahrt0-2Matchday 40-2Matchday 50-2Matchday 8W-FFMatchday 70-2Matchday 60-40-2, 0-20-40-2, 0-20-40-2, 0-22-2W-FF, 0-20-40-2, 0-2
Playing DucksPlaying Ducks0-2Matchday 50-2Matchday 22-0Matchday 30-2Matchday 60-2Matchday 90-40-2, 0-20-40-2, 0-24-02-0, 2-00-40-2, 0-22-20-2, W-FF
Team DestinyTeam Destiny0-2Matchday 30-2Matchday 42-0Matchday 22-0Matchday 1FF-WMatchday 100-40-2, 0-20-40-2, 0-22-22-0, FF-W4-02-0, 2-00-4FF-W, 0-2
5UpJungz5UpJungz2-0Matchday 21-1Matchday 32-0Matchday 1FF-WMatchday 42-0Matchday 53-12-0, 1-11-31-1, 0-24-02-0, 2-02-2FF-W, 2-04-02-0, W-FF
hehe unitedhehe unitedRecast GamingRecast GamingAbfahrtAbfahrtPlaying DucksPlaying DucksTeam DestinyTeam Destiny5UpJungz5UpJungz


Matchday 1[edit]

Matchday 2[edit]

Matchday 3[edit]

Matchday 4[edit]

Matchday 5[edit]

Matchday 6[edit]

Matchday 7[edit]

Matchday 8[edit]

Matchday 9[edit]