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The Dota Elite Series is a 5 Cup tournament series plus a Grand Cup focused on improving the local Toronto Dota 2 Scene.

Each cup has online and LAN portions with up to $2,500 prize pool. The Grand Cup is a multi-day LAN even with a $7,500 prize pool.

Elite Cups[edit]

Elite Series Date Winner Runner-Up
Elite Series Cup 1 2014 (2014.10.25-2014.11.15) Cafe Lu Crew Ninja Col
Elite Series Cup 2 2015 (2015.02.14) Cafe Lu Crew Boss Nagas
Elite Series Cup 3 2015 (2015.04.10-2015.04.25) JIG Cafe Lu Crew
Elite Series Cup 4 2015 (2015.05.16-2015.05.17) Cafe Lu Crew JIG
Elite Series Cup 5 2015 (2013.06.20-2015.06.21) JIG Alright Alright

Grand Cup[edit]

Elite Series Date Winner
Elite Series Grand Cup 2012 (2012.03.12-2012.04.29) TBD

Point System[edit]

Teams gain points by playing in Elite Series Cups. The winning team of any Cup is directly seeded into the offline portion of the next cup. The team with the most points after the 5th Cup will receive a direct seed into the Grand Cup double elimination bracket and free entry into the tournament. The team with the second most points gains free entry into the tournament.

Rank Team Name Points
1 Cafe Lu 48,500
2 JiG 23,500
3 Ninja Col 21,000
4 Boss Nagas 20,150
5 AFK Gaming 19,150