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Player Information
Brian Lee
August 2, 1992 (1992-08-02) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
Fluff, Brian "Brian" Brian, Brian
Signature Hero:
Rubick Chen Mirana
Approx. Total Earnings:
2011-??-?? — 2012-02-16
2012-02-16 — 2012-12-07
2012-12-07 — 2014-03-26
2014-04-03 — 2014-12-20
2014-12-20 — 2015-03-29
2015-03-29 — 2015-??-??
2015-08-23 — 2015-10-02
2015-10-02 — 2016-03-19
2016-03-19 — 2016-03-26
2016-03-26 — 2016-05-12
2016-09-13 — 2016-10-28
2017-01-17 — 2017-05-07

Brian "FLUFFNSTUFF" Lee is a Dota player from the United States who last played for FIRE.


Dota 2[edit]

FLUFFNSTUFF has always had an eye for competition. Introduced to DotA while in high school, he spent a year playing in pubs before making a conscious decision to only play serious matches. Harboring hopes of one day assembling a great team, he spent years studying and practicing so he'd be able meet the challenge head on when the opportunity arose. After the North American scene subsided in 2010, he had a brief stint in both HoN and LoL, time he describes as being used to gain a greater understanding of his original love. This of course helped him a great deal when he returned to Dota 2 in 2011.

Having spent long years with teams that lacked direction or purpose, Brian found himself unsatisfied with the captains he trained under, and took it upon himself to step into a leadership role. He formed FIRE in the fall of 2011 under the basis of meeting like-minded players and, after a series of wins, his new team was picked up by compLexity. The team would soon earn an invite to The International 2012, and become champions of The Defense 2.

On March 12th, 2014, FLUFF posted on his blog about internal issues in Team Liquid, especially his dissatisfaction with the team's current leadership and expressed interest in returning to the role of captain.[1] Six days later FLUFF posted a public apology on his blog about his earlier post, calling his earlier post a "massive mistake".[2] The same day, Liquid`Nazgul, Liquids CEO, posted that FLUFF would be moving back to his role as captain on the team, saying it was "do or die" for FLUFF.[3] Unfortunately, FLUFF and Liquid parted ways after lackluster performances following his blog post on March 26th, 2014.[4]


  • Has a very popular blog on TL.net
  • He is of Chinese / Cambodian descent.[5]


2016-03-02MC13 - 16thA0Tier 1The Shanghai Major 2016The Shanghai Major 2016Team Archon0 : 1$30,000
2015-10-03EC5 - 8thA0Tier 1ESL One New York 2015ESL One New York 2015Team Archon0 : 2$14,331
2015-06-02CA3 - 4thA1Tier 2World Cyber Arena 2015 - American Pro QualifiersWorld Cyber Arena 2015 - American Pro QualifiersROOT Gaming1 : 2$10,000
2014-11-01DA4thA0Tier 1Dota 2 Champions League Season 4Dota 2 Champions League Season 4Sneaky Nyx Assassins1 : 2$7,624
2013-08-09GA7 - 8thA0Tier 1The International 2013The InternationalThe International 2013Team Liquid0 : 1$43,116
2013-07-07AA1stA1Tier 2American Dota League Season 1American Dota LeagueAmerican Dota League Season 1Team Liquid3 : 0$5,000
2013-05-19AA1stA1Tier 2Curse Dota 2 InvitationalCurse Dota 2 InvitationalTeam Liquid3 : 0$5,000
2013-04-28BA2ndA0Tier 1The Premier League Season 4The Premier LeagueThe Premier League Season 4Team Liquid0 : 3$3,000
2013-04-10AA1stA0Tier 1RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2RaidCall Dota 2 LeagueRaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2Team Liquid3 : 1$5,000
2012-08-12AA1stA0Tier 1The Defense Season 2The Defense Season 2Complexity Gaming3 : 1$7,357
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