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Farm Dependency

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I have finished farming.

Farm Dependency is the measure used to describe how reliant a hero is on gold income. Some thrive when they have the money to buy big items, called carry heroes. Others don't require much in terms of items and mainly rely on their spells to be useful. These are called support heroes. There are also a wide range of heroes that fit on the spectrum between the two extremes.

When a hero is very income dependent, it is in the team's best interest to let them farm, gathering more gold income than any other member on the team.

The 1-5 Position System[edit]

Farm dependency is a good system to use when making a team composition. It defines five positions that need to be filled by five heroes, assigning them based on farm dependency. A good team composition often requires all five positions to be filled.

Position 1[edit]

Heroes in position 1 have the highest priority for levels and gold on your team, the hard carry. Heroes that fall into this category are usually the weakest on the team before they have an item or two. They often have abilities that let them scale well with bonus stats gained from items, allowing them to deal a ton of damage later in the game. Position 1 heroes are usually placed in the safe lane, with one or more support heroes to babysit them.

Common Heroes[edit]

Anti-Mage Juggernaut Medusa Lifestealer Phantom Lancer Luna Gyrocopter Lone Druid
Drow Ranger Shadow Fiend Phantom Assassin Spectre Sven Slark Terrorblade Chaos Knight
Wraith King Morphling Troll Warlord Naga Siren Meepo Faceless Void Ursa Lycan

Common Items[edit]

Battle Fury Hand of Midas Black King Bar Eye of Skadi Monkey King Bar Abyssal Blade Daedalus Power Treads Phase Boots

Position 2[edit]

Heroes in position 2 have the second most need for gold and levels. A position 2 hero will generally go to mid lane and use their high gold and exp income to control the pace of the game.

Common Heroes[edit]

Invoker Dragon Knight Viper Death Prophet Brewmaster Puck Templar Assassin Zeus
Magnus Shadow Fiend Tinker Storm Spirit Outworld Destroyer Queen of Pain Ember Spirit Batrider
Razor Windranger Juggernaut Tiny Mirana Bloodseeker Nature's Prophet Timbersaw

Common Items[edit]

Blink Dagger Bottle Black King Bar Aghanims Scepter Sange and Yasha Desolator Drum of Endurance Euls Scepter of Divinity Power Treads

Position 3[edit]

The position 3 on your team generally builds toward team fighting items such as Mekansm and Pipe of Insight or initiation items such as Blink Dagger. They are often placed in the off lane where the main goal is to gain is exp and increase levels.

Common Heroes[edit]

Centaur Warrunner Bristleback Clockwerk Dark Seer Tidehunter Broodmother Beastmaster Axe
Earthshaker Timbersaw Nature's Prophet Night Stalker Slardar Abaddon Faceless Void Spirit Breaker
Mirana Batrider Puck Sand King Legion Commander Magnus Doom Nyx Assassin

Common Items[edit]

Blink Dagger Pipe of Insight Crimson Guard Mekansm Solar Crest Blade Mail Shivas Guard Silver Edge

Position 4[edit]

As the farming support on the team, the position 4 will build towards support items that benefit the team such as Urn of Shadows and Force Staff. The position 4 also helps with pure support items such as Observer Wards, Smoke of Deceit, and Dust of Appearance when the position 5 cannot afford to.

Common Heroes[edit]

Tusk Earth Spirit Bounty Hunter Chen Enchantress Sand King Visage Enigma
Lina Leshrac Lion Rubick Earthshaker Doom Riki Abaddon
Spirit Breaker Kunkka Skywrath Mage Shadow Shaman Phoenix Undying Mirana Silencer

Common Items[edit]

Observer Ward Urn of Shadows Medallion of Courage Glimmer Cape Rod of Atos Tranquil Boots Arcane Boots Guardian Greaves

Position 5[edit]

The position 5 uses gold on mainly pure support items such as wards, smoke, dust, and sometimes regen and TP scrolls for the other heroes. It is common to see a position 5 hero purchase nothing more than Boots of Speed and a Magic Stick for themselves over the entire game. As a hard support this sacrifice benefits the rest of the team, helping them excel.

Common Heroes[edit]

Lich Crystal Maiden Disruptor Oracle Dazzle Shadow Demon Bane Winter Wyvern
Io Witch Doctor Lion Rubick Vengeful Spirit Shadow Shaman Phoenix Keeper of the Light
Earthshaker Treant Protector Venomancer Abaddon Ogre Magi Jakiro Elder Titan Undying

Common Items[edit]

Animal Courier Observer Ward Sentry Ward Smoke of Deceit Dust of Appearance Magic Stick Ghost Scepter Glimmer Cape Boots of Speed