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[e][h] fy
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Xu Linsen
February 12, 1995 (1995-02-12) (age 24)
Signature Hero:
Rubick Sand King Io
Approx. Total Earnings:
2012-10-21 — 2016-03-19
2016-03-19 — 2016-08-30
2016-09-16 — 2016-12-26
2016-12-26 — 2017-09-04
2017-09-04 — Present

Xu "fy" Linsen is a professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for LGD Gaming.


Although a relative newcomer to the Dota 2 scene, fy has found immediate success in the professional scene. Fy is often considered to be the best Rubick player in the world, and he and former teammate Fenrir were known as one of the top support duos in the world and the main driver behind the success of Vici Gaming.

2012-2015: Beginnings with Vici Gaming and TI-runner up[edit]

Fy first made his appearance in competitive Dota 2 when Vici Gaming was created on the 21st of October, 2012. [1] It was believed that it took numerous attempts to persaude fy to come to VG despite not having played a single match of Dota 2, but a person called "WarGod7" convinced him to join the team and eventually become a player of VG as a support. Fy described his move to Vici Gaming as "fate". [2] He played alongside with cty, fenrir, xtt and sydm - the four remaining players in the Dota 2 squad alongside their team manager/team leader Panda Pan Pan also known as Fengdidi.

fy with Vici Gaming in 2013

Vici Gaming failed to find some form in the first half of the 2013 calendar year as they were eliminated in the groupstage or the first round of the playoffs in many domestic tournaments such as G-League 2012: Season 2 and Dota 2 Super League. More importantly, they fell short in the The International 3 Eastern Qualifiers, losing to LGD 3-0 in the grand finals.

Despite the heroics of fy's favorite hero, Rubick, during G-League, it was understood that fy and xtt decided to leave them team on the 10th June, 2013. However, it was later revealed that fy left without authorization and was forbidden from playing with another team until his contract with Vici Gaming expired. Despite the warning given to fy from his management team, he still was determined to leave Vici Gaming, but soon thereafter made an apology on his weibo[3] The next day saw a sharp turn of events when fy decided to come back to Vici Gaming after unoffically leaving the team, as he wrote a personal statement on his Weibo. [4] The aftermath of the incident resulted in fy's position in Vici Gaming remained unchanged while xtt offically left the team, leaving Vici Gaming on the lookout for a carry player. After the fallout between fy and VG, the team saw further changes with cty leaving, Super and rOtk coming in after ZSMJ's exit, and Sylar's controversial replacement of TuTu.

In Vici Gaming, Fy is like Maldini to AC Milan or Totti to Roma. He's like Vici Gaming's Symbol, Vici Gaming's face.
(Xiaoyun Xu, Vici Gaming's team manager on fy in July 2015 [2])

After several months of instability within the team, Vici Gaming were invited last minute to the LAN event finals of ESL Major Series One Fall Event in Tychy, Poland when Team DK's visas were denied. This event showed the awakenings of the renowned Fenrir-Fy support duo; fy displayed his virtuoso talents as a rising support star throughout the series and won the tournament MVP award after Vici Gaming defeated Fnatic 3-1 in the grand finals.[5] This was also fy's first LAN victory and his first Victory away from mainland China. After the event, an interview was conducted with fy where he said the decision to stick with VG was the right choice and that he believed his 'bond' with Fenrir exists because of how close friends they are outside of the game.[6]

2014 saw a good year for fy when he and his team were directly invited to The International 2014 by Valve. With Vici Gaming, he placed 2nd at The International 2014 falling short in the grand finals losing to Newbee 3-1. While coming 2nd in his first International, he mentioned it was a pity but was later optimistic that reaching 2nd place was a great achievement for his first time. He used his prize money from the tournament to buy his mom a new house.[7] After the 2014 TI shuffle, rOtK retired and fy was made captain and drafter for the team. He highlighted that he had faith with his team despite the addition of Black^ who could not speak Mandarin.[8] He captained Vici with victories at ESL One New York 2014 and The Summit 2. The following year, Vici placed 2nd at the Dota 2 Asia Championships and 4th at The International 2015, where he was featured in a player profile by Valve. [2]

2016-present: Vici-Gaming Reborn and move to LGD Gaming[edit]

fy with the MVP Trophy at EPICENTER XL

On the 19th of March, 2016, Fy was moved to Vici Gaming's secondary squad, Vici Gaming Reborn. He won his first tournament under his youth team beating Natus Vincere 3-1 in the StarLadder Invitational 1 despite having his coach Mikasa playing as a substitute for the team.[9] Following the event, he finished in the top eight for the Manila Major 2016 but was eliminated in the first round of the lower bracket during The International 2016. He later moved back to his primary squad, Vici Gaming on the 14 September 2016, but wavered mixed success throughout the next calendar year, reaching second place in Starladder i-League StarSeries Season 3 and a 5-8th place in the Kiev Major 2017 as their most notable achievements, and most notably, not qualifying for The International 2017.

During the spring break of 2017, it was announced that after six years with the organisation, fy departed from Vici Gaming to join LGD as an offlaner, with intentions of strengthing the team's chemistry and to diversify his role versatility. [10][11] With the addition of Chalice, the team finished second place in their first Minor PGL Open Bucharest 2017, however his tenure as an offlaner came to an abrupt end, following xNova's addition to the squad from his successful trial, resulting in fy to return to position four. [12] The return to his original position, prompted success to the team, victorious in several chinese qualifiers, and finished place in DAC 2018 and beating Team Liquid 3-1 in the grandfinals of EPICENTER 2018. Fy's drafting and his performances in EPICENTER, earned the praise from the Russian casters and Kyle, and was awarded MVP of the tournament, with Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet. [13]



2019-08-25CA3rdA0PremierThe International 2019The International 2019PSG.LGD1 : 2$3,089,710
2018-08-25BA2ndA0PremierThe International 2018The International 2018PSG.LGD2 : 3$4,085,150
2018-05-20AA1stA0PremierMDL Changsha MajorMDL Changsha MajorPSG.LGD3 : 0$400,000
2018-05-06AA1stA0PremierEPICENTER XLEPICENTER XLPSG.LGD3 : 1$500,000
2016-12-16BA2ndA0PremierWorld Cyber Arena 2016World Cyber Arena 2016Vici Gaming2 : 3$143,720
2015-08-07DA4thA0PremierThe International 2015The International 2015Vici Gaming1 : 2$1,566,520
2015-02-09BA2ndA0PremierDota 2 Asia Championships 2015Dota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Asia Championships 2015Vici Gaming0 : 3$366,902
2014-12-07AA1stA0PremierThe Summit 2The Summit 2Vici Gaming3 : 1$139,910
2014-09-28AA1stA0Premieri-League Season 1i-leaguei-League Season 1Vici Gaming3 : 0$155,828
2014-07-21BA2ndA0PremierThe International 2014The InternationalThe International 2014Vici Gaming1 : 3$1,474,740
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