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[e][h] Godot
Player Information
Darcy Milho Jose
September 28, 1991 (1991-09-28) (age 27)
Alternate IDs:
Farmer_John, Farmer John
Signature Hero:
Nature's Prophet Sand King Mirana
Approx. Total Earnings:
2011-11-02 — 2012-01-21
2012-01-21 — 2012-08-09
2012-08-09 — 2013-02-11
2014-04-08 — 2014-09-26
2014-09-26 — 2015-05-30
2015-06-17 — 2015-??-??
2015-10-05 — 2016-??-??
2015-02-02 — 2016-08-15
2016-08-15 — 2016-10-22
2017-01-07 — 2017-??-??
2018-01-31 — 2018-04-??
2018-04-?? — 2018-07-??
2018-07-?? — 2018-11-13
2018-11-13 — 2019-03-??
2019-05-23 - Present

Darcy "Godot" Jose is a professional Australian Dota 2 player that is currently playing for Shutdown ESC.


Born in Australia but with a Portuguese background, Godot started DotA 1 when the hero, Mirana was released. After showing signs of promise, he later played in domestic tournaments and eventually joined Natural 9. His individual and Natural 9's collective performance during their early stages of Natural 9 saw potential after winning the BenQ The Clash 2 and subsequently Belgian-based gaming Organisation, Absolute Legends invited them to their organisation.

Absolute Legends (Godot second from left) at DreamHack Summer 2012

Under Absolute Legends, Godot played in numerous tournaments during the 2012 calendar year such as The Premier League, Dota 2 Replays Bowl, StarLadder Series Pro Season 1 and marquee tournaments such as DreamHack 2012 Summer and The International 2012. However at the The International 2012 their collective performances saw an early exit from a defeat by Darer Gaming in the first rounds of the lower bracket, thus eliminating the Australian team from the competition. Following the tournament, Absolute Legends parted ways with the team and the Natural 9 team name was used again. However the 2012-13 summer period for them saw a split in the team and Natural 9 later disbanded in early 2013, with Godot taking a prolonged hiatus from Dota 2. [1] Godot cited that there were internal problems leading into The International 2012, where the issues continued during and after the tournament, which saw the series of events following their exit. [2]

After a prolonged break, he played in domestic tournaments and in April 2014, he and ex-Natural 9/Absolute Legends later were picked up by Team Immunity. [3] He later played with Can't Say Wips, the team name originating from a inside joke where one of the members, xMusiCa was unable to pronounce Wips. His main achievement with CSW was winning OK Dota 2 Cup and later played for Spac Creators and CSW again.

In 2016, Godot made a decision to move to South-East Asia to further develop as a player and played with Arcanys Gaming for a short period of time and in January 2017, he returned to Australia and formed his own team, See You Again to play in domestic and international tournaments. [4] He later moved back to South-East Asia, playing in multiple teams before joining XcN, an indonesian team with his fellow compatriot, Splicko [5] He later joined Kongdoo, a Korean Esports organisation for the The International 2018 SEA Open Qualifiers and in early July, moved back to Australia to form SaveBuyBackPLZ.


2019-06-16BA2ndA2MinorESL ANZ Championship - Season 3ESL ANZ Championship - Season 3ZEN91 : 3$2,169
2019-03-29BA2ndA2MinorESL Indonesia Championship Season 1ESL Indonesia Championship Season 1Aura Esports0 : 3$10,000
2018-11-04AA1stA2MinorWorld Electronic Sports Games 2018 Oceania FinalsWorld Electronic Sports Games 2018 Oceania FinalsAustralia2 : 0$3,806
2018-10-04HA8thA1MajorPVP Esports ChampionshipPVP Esports ChampionshipKSY2/-/3Grp S.$6,000
2018-04-22CA3rdA2MinorIndonesia Games Championship 2018Indonesia Games Championship 2018XCN Gaming0 : 1$1,801
2016-04-24AA1stA2MinorThe April InvitationalThe April InvitationalBeardman and Francine3 : 1$1,080
2015-03-21GA7 - 8thA1MajorMajor All Stars Dota 2 TournamentMajor All Stars Dota 2 TournamentCan't Say Wips0 : 1$4,479
2014-12-28AA1stA1MajorOK.- Dota 2 CupOK.- Dota 2 CupCan't Say Wips3 : 0$22,648
2014-11-02BA2ndA1MajorMSI Beat IT 2014MSI Beat IT 2014Team Immunity1 : 3$14,639
2012-03-11CA3rdA0PremierThe Premier League Season 1The Premier LeagueThe Premier League Season 1Absolute Legends5/2/2Grp S.$2,000
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