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[e][h] gpk
Player Information
Данил Скутин
Romanized Name:
Danil Skutin
August 23, 2001 (age 20)
Years Active (Player):
2017 - Present
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Ember Spirit Invoker Templar Assassin
2018-05-31 — 2019-03-21
2019-03-21 — 2019-07-27
2019-03-21 — 2019-08-22
Marlerino eSports (Inactive)
2019-08-22 — 2020-02-04
2020-02-04 — 2020-02-27
Gambit Esports (Inactive)
2020-02-27 — 2020-10-20
2020-10-20 — 2020-11-01
Gambit Esports (Inactive)
2020-11-01 — 2020-11-05
2020-11-05 — Present
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Danil "gpk" Skutin is a Russian professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for


  • Reached 10,000 MMR on May 15th, 2020.[1]
  • Reached 11,000 MMR on August 24th, 2020.[2]
  • Reached 12,000 MMR on May 27th, 2021.[3]


  • His career's highest kills in a single premium/professional game is (22). He achieved this feat while playing for Gambit Esports as Zeus in their group stage match against beastcoast at the MDL Chengdu Major.
  • Had the highest average kills per game (9.53) during Tour 1 of the 2021/22 DPC EEU Upper Division.

Stats from datdota as of 26-Sep-2021.


2021-10-15EA5 - 6thA0Tier 1The International 2021The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2021Virtus.proVirtus.proVirtus.pro1 : 2Team SpiritTeam Spirit$1,400,600
2021-08-29CA3rdA0Tier 1ESL One Fall 2021ESL OneESL OneESL One Fall 2021Virtus.proVirtus.proVirtus.pro1 : 2PSG.LGDPSG.LGD$45,000
2021-06-20BA2ndA0Tier 1ESL One Summer 2021ESL OneESL OneESL One Summer 2021Virtus.proVirtus.proVirtus.pro2 : 3T1T1$85,000
2021-05-21AA1stA1Tier 2ESL One DPC Eastern Europe Season 2: Upper DivisionDota Pro CircuitDota Pro CircuitESL One DPC Eastern Europe Season 2: Upper DivisionVirtus.proVirtus.proVirtus.pro7/-/0Grp S.$30,000
2021-02-28AA1stA1Tier 2ESL One CIS Online Season 1: Upper DivisionDota Pro CircuitDota Pro CircuitESL One CIS Online Season 1: Upper DivisionVirtus.proVirtus.proVirtus.pro7/-/0Grp S.$30,000
2020-12-13AA1stA0Tier 1EPIC League Season 2 Division 1Epic LeagueEpic LeagueEPIC League Season 2 Division 1Virtus.proVirtus.proVirtus.pro3 : 2OGOG$200,000
2020-09-26BA2ndA1Tier 2OGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe/CISDota PITDota PITOGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe/CISVP.ProdigyVP.ProdigyVP.Prodigy0 : 3Team SecretTeam Secret$36,822
2020-03-08CA3rdA1Tier 2StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3StarLadderStarLadderStarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3Gambit EsportsGambit EsportsGambit Esports0 : 2AllianceAlliance$54,000
2019-12-22CA3rdA0Tier 1ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational SingaporeONE Esports InvitationalONE Esports InvitationalONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational SingaporeGambit EsportsGambit EsportsGambit Esports0 : 2Vici GamingVici Gaming$60,000
2019-10-27BA2ndA1Tier 2ESL One Hamburg 2019ESL OneESL OneESL One Hamburg 2019Gambit EsportsGambit EsportsGambit Esports2 : 3TNC PredatorTNC Predator$65,000
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