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ImbaTV H-Cup (好汉杯)

[e][h] ImbaTV H-Cup(好汉杯)
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China China


The ImbaTV H-Cup is a weekly Dota2 tournament organized by ImbaTV. This tournament wants to give young Chinese teams, players more opportunities to show themselves, and enhance their overall technical and tactical level.

Prize pool[edit]

  • Season 1 to 9:
Place ¥ CNY H-Points
1st ¥ 10,000 4
2nd ¥ 5,000 3
3rd ¥ 3,000 2
4th ¥ 2,000 1
Total ¥ 20,000 10
  • Season 10 to :
Place ¥ CNY H-Points
1st ¥ 30,000 5
2nd ¥ 15,000 3
3rd ¥ 5,000 2
Bonus 0 0~2
Total ¥ 50,000 10~12

H-points Rank[edit]

Season 1-3[edit]

Season 4-7[edit]

Season 8-9[edit]

Season 10-12[edit]



S# Date  Winner  2nd  3rd  4th
S1 03.08-03.13 VG.Reborn TongFu CDEC Avenger Wings Gaming
S2 03.15-03.20 VG.Reborn TongFu CDEC Avenger iG Vitality
S3 03.22-03.27 VG.Reborn Newbee Young CDEC Avenger DUOBAO
S4 03.29-04.04 VG.Reborn EHOME Invictus Gaming CDEC Youth
S5 04.05-04.10 Newbee TongFu Newbee Young Invictus Gaming
S6 04.19-04.24 Newbee CDEC Youth Invictus Gaming FTD club B
S7 06.14-06.19 iG Vitality EHOME.Keen CDEC Avenger Brave Heart


S# Date  Winner  2nd  3rd  4th
S8 12.12-12.17 VGJ.Thunder Invictus Gaming Keen Gaming KG.Luminous
S9 12.26-12.31 Vici Gaming Newbee VGJ.Thunder KG.Luminous


S# Date  Winner  2nd  3rd Bonus points
S10 11.20-11.25 Team Root EHOME Keen Gaming
S11 12.18-12.23 Team Aster DeathBringer Gaming Invictus Gaming Keen Gaming
S12 12.24-12.30 Keen Gaming Invictus Gaming Room310 CDEC Gaming