ImbaTV H-Cup (好汉杯)

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[e][h] ImbaTV H-Cup(好汉杯)
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The ImbaTV H-Cup is a weekly Dota2 tournament organized by ImbaTV. This tournament wants to give young Chinese teams, players more opportunities to show themselves, and enhance their overall technical and tactical level.

Every season(week), top 4 teams respectively get 4, 3, 2, and 1 H-points and prize of ¥10000, ¥5000, ¥3000 and ¥2000. The team with highest H-points will be directly invited to SL i-league.

On May 10th, 2016, ImbaTV added Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to this series.


  • Group stage
    • Four round robin groups.
    • Top team of each group advances to Playoffs.
  • Playoffs
    • Four teams play in a double-elimination bracket.
  • All games are Best-of-three.

Prize pool[edit]

Place ¥ CNY H-Points
1st ¥ 10,000 4
2nd ¥ 5,000 3
3rd ¥ 3,000 2
4th ¥ 2,000 1
Total ¥ 20,000 10

H-points Rank[edit]

Season 1-3[edit]

Season 4-7[edit]

Season 8-9[edit]



S# Date  Winner  2nd  3rd  4th
S1 03.08-03.13 Vici Gaming Reborn TongFu CDEC Avenger Wings Gaming
S2 03.15-03.20 Vici Gaming Reborn TongFu CDEC Avenger iG Vitality
S3 03.22-03.27 Vici Gaming Reborn Newbee Young CDEC Avenger DUOBAO
S4 03.29-04.04 Vici Gaming Reborn EHOME Invictus Gaming CDEC Youth
S5 04.05-04.10 Newbee TongFu Newbee Young Invictus Gaming
S6 04.19-04.24 Newbee CDEC Youth Invictus Gaming FTD club B
S7 06.14-06.19 iG Vitality EHOME.Keen CDEC Avenger Brave Heart


S# Date  Winner  2nd  3rd  4th
S8 12.12-12.17 VGJ.Thunder Invictus Gaming Keen Gaming Keen Gaming.Luminous
S9 12.26-12.31 Vici Gaming Newbee VGJ.Thunder Keen Gaming.Luminous


S# Date  Winner  2nd  3rd  4th
S10 '