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[e][h] Hannah
Player Information
Найрман Жакитжанов
Romanized Name:
Nairman Zhakitzhanov
February 9, 1998 (1998-02-09) (age 23)
Alternate IDs:
Signature Hero:
Outworld Destroyer Morphling Ember Spirit
Approx. Total Earnings:
2017-12-19 — 2018-02-23
2018-08-?? — 2018-09-11
2018-09-19 — 2019-09-27
2019-09-27 — 2019-10-11
2019-10-25 — 2019-11-18
2019-11-18 — 2020-05-17
Khan (Inactive)
2020-05-17 — 2020-06-05
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Nairman "Hannah" Zhakitzhanov is a Kazakhstani professional Dota 2 player.



2020-11-19AA1stA6QualifierIeSF World Championship 2020 CIS FinalsIeSF World Championship 2020 CIS FinalsKazakhstanKazakhstanKazakhstan2 : 0BelarusBelarus$4,592
2020-08-31AA1stA3Tier 4Alaman #StayHome 2Alaman #StayHome 2Team Solid (Kazakhstan team)Team SolidTeam Solid3 : 1Shibu GamingShibu Gaming$834
2020-05-31CA3rdA2Tier 3Global Infection CupGlobal Infection CupTeam Solid (Kazakhstan team)Team SolidTeam Solid0 : 2Team Empire HopeTeam Empire Hope$1,500
2020-05-16BA2ndA3Tier 4Alaman #StayHomeAlaman #StayHomeTeam Solid (Kazakhstan team)Team SolidTeam Solid0 : 2A Gde BanListA Gde BanList$855
2019-06-08CA3rdA2Tier 3World Cyber Games 2019 Europe FinalsWorld Cyber GamesWorld Cyber Games 2019 Europe FinalsSe7en eSportsSe7en eSportsSe7en eSports5/-/2Grp S.$1,000
2019-04-13AA1stA7Show M.Burabay Cyber Cup 2019Burabay Cyber Cup 2019Se7en eSportsSe7en eSportsSe7en eSports2 : 1CyberDogsCyberDogs$1,859
2019-02-03AA1stA3Tier 4OK Challenge Хрусteam MIX: Dota 2OK Challenge Хрусteam MIX: Dota 2Team C@pybaraTeam C@pybaraTeam C@pybara2 : 0qwertyqwerty$765
2018-11-11BA2ndA2Tier 3World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Kazakhstan FinalsWorld Electronic Sports Games 2018 Kazakhstan FinalsSe7en eSportsSe7en eSportsSe7en eSports1 : 2PatriotPatriot$1,353
2018-08-05BA2ndA2Tier 3OK Challenge: Dota 2OK Challenge: Dota 2MEGA-LADA E-sportsMEGA-LADA E-sportsMEGA-LADA E-sports1 : 2nolinkenpleasenolinkenplease$474
2017-10-01EC5 - 8thA2Tier 3Almeo Esports CupAlmeo Esports CupRoflo StackRoflo StackRoflo Stack0 : 2No CreativityNo Creativity$1,774
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