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Health (also known as HP or Health Point) represents the amount of life a unit has remaining. It appears as a colored bar along the top center of the HUD found on the lower part of the screen. For allied units it appears green, for enemy units it appears red, and for neutral units it appears yellow. When the health bar reaches 0, the unit dies.

All heroes have base health points of 200 plus 20 for each point of .

The left number shows the current health, while the right number shows the maximum health. The number shown with a + sign on the far right is health regen per second.

Example health bar:

           500 / 1000      +1.3

HP Formula[edit]

To calculate a hero's health points, use the following formula for agility and intelligence heroes:

(Strength Growth × (Current Level - 1) ➜ rounded down) + Base Strength + Bonus Strength × 18 = HP from Strength + 200 Base HP = Total HP

For strength heroes:

(Strength Growth × (Current Level - 1) ➜ rounded down) + Base Strength + Bonus Strength × 22.5 = HP from Strength + 200 Base HP = Total HP

Health Regeneration[edit]

Health Regeneration, (also known as HP Regen and Health Regen), is a stat that determines the amount of health a hero regenerates per second. It is shown as a number with a + sign on the right side of the health bar.

Heroes regain 0.1 health every second per point of Strength, plus any bonuses from items, skills and their base rate (0 for most heroes). Hit Point Regeneration is not capped, however the HUD won't show any HP Regen over +1000 HP per second.

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Rework Strength now provides 0.1 Health Regeneration instead of multiplying regen values
  • Nerf Base regen values reduced by 1.5
  • Rework Strength heroes now gain 25% more of all strength stats than agility and intelligence heroes
  • Nerf Reduced Health per strength from 20 to 18
  • Nerf Reduced Health Regeneration amplification bonus per strength from 0.7% to 0.55%
  • Rework Reworked Health Regeneration formula: Each point of Strength amplifies regeneration by 0.7%
  • Buff All hero strength growth increased by 0.3
  • Buff Regeneration coming from strength increased from 0.03 HP per point of Strength to 0.06
  • Nerf Reduced base HP regen by 0.25
  • Buff Starting HP increased from 180 to 200
  • Buff HP per strength increased from 19 to 20
  • Buff Hero base HP increased from 150 to 180