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[e][h] Heromu
Player Information
Hiromu Hosoya
Signature Hero:
Storm Spirit Invoker Shadow Fiend
2014-06-28 — 2015-01-05
2015-01-05 — 2016-12-??

Hiromu "Heromu" Hosoya is a Japanese DotA player for Team DeToNator.


Heromu formed and played with AffectioN! for the Japan Dota Cup, which they won. He would go on to win three consecutive Japanese Dota Cups with AffectioN! before he and his team were picked up by DeToNator. With DeToNator, he placed second in Japan Dota Cup Season 4 before winning the Japan Dota Cup Season 5 undefeated. He has also won the Harmony League and played in the MSI Beat IT 2014/APAC Qualifiers where DeToNato lost to MVP Phoenix, advanced into the second round of the Lower Bracket after Team Zephyr pulled out and then lost to Pokerface.

He is known for being one of the best mids in Japan, and is currently undefeated in competitive games on his Storm Spirit. He is currently 18 years old.[1]


At this moment, the number one hero banned by opponents of DeToNator is Heromu's Storm Spirit, and the third most banned hero is Heromu's Invoker.[2]


2018-11-25CA3 - 4thA6QualifierWESG 2018 Japan QualifierWESG 2018 Japan QualifierOmaera dota wo yareomaera dota wo yareomaera dota wo yare0 : 1元プロエンビー元プロエンビー 
2017-08-27CA3 - 4thA6QualifierROG MASTERS 2017 Japan QualifierROG MASTERS 2017 Japan Qualifier無想転生無想転生無想転生0 : 2Gaijin's FinestGaijin's Finest 
2016-11-13MC13 - 16thA1Tier 2WESG 2016 Asia Pacific FinalsWESG 2016 Asia Pacific FinalsDeToNatorDeToNatorDeToNator0/0/3Grp S. 
2015-04-29IG9 - 16thA4MonthlyCorsair Gaming Arena #2Corsair Gaming ArenaCorsair Gaming Arena #2DeToNatorDeToNatorDeToNator0 : 1MVP HOT6ixMVP HOT6ix 
Complete list of results in any tournament

With DeToNator[edit]

Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-09-12 A33rd Japan Dota Cup Tokyo Game Show 2015 0 : 2 Crown Crow
2015-07-12 A11st Japan Dota Cup Season 5 2 : 0 Team omakase~
2015-04-19 A22nd Japan Dota Cup Season 4 1 : 2 Wakaranaiyo
2015-01-25 A11st Harmony League Season 1 2 : 0 sPHIT

With AffectioN![edit]

Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-12-14 A11st Japan Dota Cup Season 3 2 : 0 chaos locololmasters honline2
2014-09-07 A11st Japan Dota Cup Season 2 2 : 1 Nankotsu bringer
2014-06-29 A11st Japan Dota Cup Season 1 2 : 1 WhiteFlagBear