I-league/Season 2/Chinese Qualifiers Pro

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Translated from text and including changes from C9 withdrawal.

Professional teams are divided into two groups. Teams in each group will play a single round robin of BO2 (1 win = 1 point). The team with most points in each group will qualify directly into the LAN finals.
In the event of a tie, the deciding criteria are:

  • A) head-to-head record between the teams, and otherwise
  • B) fastest time of victory in head-to-head matches.

Thus, not counting any matches outside the tied teams, teams with more wins will place higher, and teams that win in less time will place higher.

The two teams ranked second will play a BO3 to advance to the LAN finals.

All teams are required to enter the host ten minutes ahead of time, latecomers will be based on late time penalty as follows: 1-10 minutes 30 seconds deducted BP time; 11-20 minutes, 70 seconds deducted BP time; 21-30 minutes deduct 110 seconds BP time; 30 minutes over forfeit a single game.

Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Round Robin
1. PSG.LGD 8-0
2. Invictus Gaming 5-3
3. TongFu 3-5
4. Immortal Magneto 2-6
4. LAI Gaming 2-6

Group B[edit]

Round Robin
1. Speed Gaming.cn 7-1
2. HyperGloryTeam 5-3
3. Newbee 5-3
4. Team DK 3-5
5. Brave Heart 0-8

Final Match[edit]

December 26, 2014 - 19:00 SGT
Skywrath Mage Ember Spirit Bristleback Omniknight Bounty Hunter
Brewmaster Chen Ancient Apparition Viper Beastmaster
Faceless Void Skywrath Mage Dark Seer Night Stalker Axe
Troll Warlord Juggernaut Dazzle Tidehunter Beastmaster
Invictus Gaming