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Illusions are weaker, magical copies of a hero. All illusions deal 60% less than their stated damage value to buildings. To enemies they look exactly the same as the original unit (with the exception of Wall of Replica and Reflection), but to allies illusions always appear very distinct from the original one. They have a different color than the original unit, usually blue. Illusions run equally fast but their attacks usually deal much less damage and take much more damage. With the exception of Haunt and Reflection whose illusions will only attack one unit, illusions are controllable by whichever player they are created by. Illusions are instantly killed by hexes and take extra damage from certain purge effects and spells. Illusions created by other illusions will be based on the original hero's stats.

Illusions provide a 2 × Level gold and experience bounty when last hit. Illusions created by Juxtapose and Wall of Replica give a constant 5 gold and experience bounty. Unlike other sources of experience, only the player that last hits an illusion gains experience. In addition, if an illusion dies to any other means or expires, no experience is given to anyone.

Passive abilities illusions can use[edit]

Passive abilities illusions cannot use[edit]

Illusion Abilities[edit]

These illusions are spawned at a point next to the hero or illusion being copied. There is no invulnerability or buff removal provided when casting these abilities.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Anti-Mage Blink
Dark Seer Wall of Replica
Phantom Lancer Spirit Lance
Shadow Demon Disruption
Spectre Haunt
Terrorblade Reflection
Conjure Image
Vengeful Spirit Vengeance Aura
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Rune of Illusion Illusion

Mirror Image[edit]

Mirror Image type illusions are created at the caster's location and are mixed up with the hero so that enemies will not know which is which. These skills also provide a short period of invulnerability and dispel most debuffs.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Chaos Knight Phantasm
Phantom Lancer Doppelganger
Naga Siren Mirror Image
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Manta Style Mirror Image

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Nerf Illusion gold/XP bounty from 5 + Level to 2 × Level
  • Nerf Illusion building damage reduction from 50% to 60%

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