Iron Branch

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[e][h]Iron Branch
Iron Branch
A seemingly ordinary branch, its ironlike qualities are bestowed upon the bearer.

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Bought From
Magic Wand

Iron Branch


Iron Branch (also known as Branch) is an early game item purchasable from the Attributes section in the Home Shop. Although the Iron Branch only grants a single point of strength, agility, and intelligence, the gold cost per stat is highly cost effective. It can also be used on the ground to plant a tree.


Plant Tree
Point Target
Targets the ground to plant a happy little tree that lasts for a short duration.
Cast Range400
  • Provides double healing duration when consumed by a  Tango.
  • The tree has a visually unique appearance from other trees.
  • Using this ability consumes the Iron Branch.


Cost Effectiveness[edit]

The Iron Branch is a very attractive item because of its low cost. It's always useful to fill up most of your empty inventory slots with branches at the start of each game. Commonly seen items such as the Magic Wand, Buckler, Ring of Basilius, and Headdress all require Iron Branches in their recipe as well, giving you potential build options.

Path Blocking[edit]

Planting the tree can block narrow paths, allowing the user to escape or trap enemies when using the ability wisely.

Recommended Heroes[edit]

All heroes are highly recommended to purchase one or more Iron Branches in the early game to maximize their laning efficiency because it gives stat increases across the board. But past the early stages of the game, item slots and gold will be prioritized for more important items.


  • Often referred to as a GG branch in WC3 DotA as "Wearing one ensures a Good Game."
  • The tree planting ability was inspired by painter Bob Ross who was well known for painting "happy little trees" during his television show. The visual model of the tree in-game also reflects Bob Ross's style, with small flourishes and flowers around the tree. A month and a half before the tree planting ability was added, a resurgence in Bob Ross's popularity occurred during Twitch Creative's The Joy of Painting marathon, celebrating Bob Ross's 73rd birthday.

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Buff Cast range increased from 200 to 400
  • Buff Can now be used by targeting the ground, planting a happy little tree
    • Lasts 20 seconds
    • 200 Cast Range
  • Buff Gold cost reduced from 53 to 50
  • Buff Reduced Ironwood Branch cost from 57 to 53 gold
  • Buff Removed stock cooldown on Ironwood Branch

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