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[e][h]Fart StudiosFart Studios Jenkins
Player Information
Andrew Jenkins
October 20, 1993 (age 30)
North America North America
Years Active (Player):
2014 - Present
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
palumir, Gremlo
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Pudge Clockwerk Axe
2014-??-?? — 2014-06-06
2014-06-06 — 2014-10-??
2014-10-15 — 2015-08-18
2015-08-18 — 2015-09-23Team Imagine
2015-09-23 — 2016-03-03Team Leviathan
2016-03-23 — 2016-05-24Kingdom Dota
2016-06-20 — 2017-01-04Team Leviathan
2017-01-04 — 2017-08-29Team Red
2017-08-29 — 2018-06-23Team Leviathan
2018-06-15 — 2018-06-23Team Leviathan
2018-09-10 — 2018-10-??Vendetta
2020-10-30 — 2022-12-08Arkosh Gaming
2022-12-23 — PresentFart Studios
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Andrew "Jenkins" Jenkins (born October 20, 1993) is a Canadian professional Dota 2 player, streamer, and analyst who is currently playing for Fart Studios.

Playing career[edit]

Jenkins made his professional debut in late-2014, playing for Team Leviathan in CEVO Season 5. For several years, Jenkins bounced between several squads, usually playing as an offlaner, but was mostly associated with Team Leviathan. Within the region, Jenkins scored some notable results, such as second in BTS Americas #2 and 3rd-4th in BTS Americas #4. During this time, Jenkins ventured into streaming and content creation, creating hero guides with unconventional builds for the community.

His eccentric personality helped him earn stints as a caster and analyst during these years, making his casting debut in the prestigious Dota 2 Asia Championships in 2015 as an off-site commentator, and panel work in Galaxy Battles and the Chengdu Major. With his talent career taking off, his playing career was limited to taking part in various qualifiers in North America, often going far but never quite qualifying.

Towards the end of COVID-hit 2020, Valve tentatively announced the return of the Dota Pro Circuit, in a new structure featuring two divisions. Jenkins, under the pseudonym Gremlo, joined Arkosh Gaming, a demonic-themed team made up of streamers and talent from the region, but all five players were billed as anonymous. Despite some controversy over their anonymity,[1] Arkosh Gaming surprised many by qualifying to the Lower Division in the inaugural season in the new format, and finishing third. This was followed by a second-placed finish the following season, only dropping a series to D2 Hustlers. Gremlo demonstrated significant versatility in his role, playing tanky aura buyers such as Underlord, initiators such as Axe and Mars, and a wildcard on his signature Pudge.

With Arkosh Gaming promoted to Division I, Gremlo shifted to hard support to accommodate Monkey. However, with much stronger competition, Arkosh Gaming struggled, and midway through the season, a team role swap saw him return to his favoured offlane position. Ultimately, however, the competition proved to be too strong, and Arkosh were relegated back to Division II. They were able to consolidate themselves in 4th the next season (rebranded as a Tour), Gremlo showing off his skills on Timbersaw to great effect. However, in Tour 3, facing a very competitive division, Arkosh fell out of the DPC entirely, finishing 7th despite an 8-10 score, losing to simply TOOBASED in the tiebreakers.

For the next season, Jenkins joined Fart Studios, reuniting with several of his former Arkosh Gaming teammates. The team qualified to Division II to finish mid-table. The following Tour, however, the team's responsibilities as talent caught up with them: With BSJ and Jenkins in Europe for DreamLeague Season 19, and iAnnihilate moving to South America for personal reasons, Fart Studios no longer had 3 players physically-based in North America, forcing them to take a def loss against Sand King Gómez. Fart Studios chose to forfeit their remaining fixtures for fairness reasons, resulting in them being relegated from the DPC.[2][3]

Talent work[edit]

Jenkins' casting career began in 2015, where he was chosen as an off-site commentator for the Dota 2 Asia Championships in 2015. By 2018, Jenkins had mostly shifted towards talent work. During COVID-hit 2020, he was a regular in the top online tournaments, including OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division and DOTA Summit 13 in the Americas and Europe and CIS.

With the pandemic easing in 2021, Valve tentatively announced the return of the Dota Pro Circuit. Jenkins was a commentator for the North America region for both Tours, and made his LAN return with the WePlay Animajor. He made his International debut in 2021, and has since been a regular in the top-tier circuit as both a caster and analyst. His comedic persona has also let him branch out into hosting, making his debut (as co-host) in DreamLeague Season 19.

Content creation[edit]

Since 2014, Jenkins has been a regular content creator on YouTube. He started by creating hero guides with unorthodox and creative item builds, which were copied by others in their pubs to mixed results. His most popular series by far is his Herald Review series, with over 30 million views. In this series, he reviews Dota matches with extremely low MMR levels, presenting them as if they were professional matches.

Jenkins maintains a regular Twitch stream, and has been streaming since 2014. On stream, he is known for playing extremely unorthodox heroes (such as Storm Spirit in the offlane), and his prowess on Pudge.

Together with SUNSfan, Jenkins also helped co-develop the custom game Ability Arena which has amassed over 500,000 downloads. This game offers a unique blend of elements from Ability Draft and autobattlers like Teamfight Tactics.


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