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Series Information


Welcome to joinDOTA Master’s page. Originally the tournament featured eight world-class teams competing for, a winner takes all, prize pool of €500. In 2013 the prizepool has grown to $1,500. In late 2014, the prize pool has grown to $15,000. The tournaments themselves are short and intense, designed specifically to bring out the best competitive teams at the time and show you what they’re capable of.

All games in joinDOTA Masters will be broadcasted live and by their own in-house caster Tobi Wan Kenobi.


Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up Sponsors
JoinDOTA Master’s I
2012-03-22 Evil Geniuses own3D
JoinDOTA Master’s II
2012-03-24 It's Gosu eSports Mortal Teamwork own3D
JoinDOTA Master’s III
2012-03-25 MUFC Absolute Legends own3D
JoinDOTA Master’s IV
2012-03-29 Team Zenith Absolute Legends own3D
JoinDOTA Master’s V
2012-03-31 Counter Logic Gaming Darer own3D
JoinDOTA Master’s VI
2012-05-06 Ex Gosu Fnatic.EU GIGABYTE AMD
JoinDOTA Master’s VII
JoinDOTA Master’s VIII
2012-06-03 Copenhagen Wolves Darer GIGABYTE AMD
JoinDOTA Master’s IX
2012-06-23 Orange Esports Absolute Legends GIGABYTE AMD
JoinDOTA Master’s X
2012-07-07 Moscow Five PotM Bottom GIGABYTE AMD
Special Masters
2012-07-14 Natus Vincere Evil Geniuses AMD
Special Masters II
2012-11-07 Team Empire Natus Vincere own3d
JoinDOTA Master’s XIII
2013-04-15 Natus Vincere Kaipi AMD
JoinDOTA Masters XIV
2014-12-15 HellRaisers 4 Anchors + SC Dailymotion Eizo
JoinDOTA Masters XV
2015-01-22 Team Empire Alliance Dailymotion Eizo
JoinDOTA Masters XVI
2015-02-25 HellRaisers Vega Squadron Dailymotion


  • 8 teams invited into a single-elimination bracket
    • Best of 1 series
    • Grand finals is a best of 3 series