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Player Information
Jonas Lindholm
September 22, 1992 (age 30)
Years Active (Player):
2014 - 2019
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Axe Clockwerk Batrider
2014-09-14 — 2015-01-01
2015-01-01 — 2015-11-13
2015-12-07 — 2015-12-31
2016-01-02 — 2016-01-??
2016-03-22 — 2016-04-19
2016-04-19 — 2016-04-26
2016-08-16 — 2016-09-16
2016-09-16 — 2017-08-18
2017-09-04 — 2017-09-24
2017-10-04 — 2019-01-26
2019-02-01 — 2019-02-15
2019-07-09 — 2019-07-15
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Jonas "jonassomfan" Lindholm is a Swedish professional Dota 2 player who most recently played for Aachen City Esports. He was previously a professional Heroes of Newerth player before transitioning to Dota 2.


jonassomfan made his debut in Dota 2 on the all-Swedish lineup of LAJONS, who were later picked up by Ninjas in Pyjamas. He immediately made his mark on the European Dota scene with his specialist hero pool and hyper aggressive playstyle in the offlane. This penchant for aggressive plays made him a fearful opponent to face, but also made him a very volatile player, prone to suffering too many deaths in the early game.

With NiP, he was a dominant force in the Tier 2 scene of Europe, but rarely had a chance to show up on international LANs, despite coming close a lot of times. After narrowly failing to qualify for the Frankfurt Major, the team was dropped by NiP. He would then go on to playing in various stacks in Europe, however meaningful achievements were scarce in this time.

After The International 2016, jonas rejoined some of his former teammates - Era, Handsken, and Limmp - from NiP on Alliance, where he joined TI champions EGM and Loda. However, like NiP before this, the team always seemed on the brink of breaking out of the European qualifiers, notably just narrowly missing qualifying for the Kiev Major.

After failing to qualify for The International 2017, jonassomfan departed the Alliance together with Era and Handsken. The trio went on to form The Final Tribe, another all-Swedish lineup. The team's lineup was rounded out by carry Frost and support Pablo, who had played with them on Alliance for the TI7 qualifiers. With this team, jonassomfan was finally able to attend some international LANs, but their results were disappointing and he once again failed to attend a TI, when they failed to qualify for The International 2018. After a string of further poor results, jonassomfan departed TFT in January 2019.


2017-07-091stA1Tier 2The Final Match Season 1The Final MatchThe Final MatchThe Final Match Season 1AllianceAllianceAlliance3 : 1SG e-sportsSG e-sports$21,250
2017-01-153rdA0Tier 1World Electronic Sports Games 2016World Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports Games 2016AllianceAllianceAlliance2 : 1InfamousInfamous$200,000
2016-11-263rdA1Tier 2DreamLeague Season 6DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 6AllianceAllianceAlliance1 : 2Escape GamingEscape Gaming$30,000
2015-09-243rdA1Tier 2World Cyber Arena 2015 - European Pro QualifiersWorld Cyber ArenaWorld Cyber ArenaWorld Cyber Arena 2015 - European Pro QualifiersNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas2 : 0AllianceAlliance$15,000
2015-07-034thA0Tier 1Dota Pit League Season 3Dota PITDota PITDota Pit League Season 3Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas0 : 2Cloud9Cloud9$21,230
2015-06-153rdA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 3DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 3Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas0 :$19,937
2015-06-131stA2Tier 3Esport SM 2015Esport SM 2015Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas2 : 0Taco LifeTaco Life$12,172
2015-06-071stA0Tier 1joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2JoinDOTA MLG Pro LeagueJoinDOTA MLG Pro LeaguejoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas2 : 1AllianceAlliance$66,899
2015-04-123rdA0Tier 1joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1JoinDOTA MLG Pro LeagueJoinDOTA MLG Pro LeaguejoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas1 : 2Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses$12,969
2015-01-183rdA0Tier 1StarLadder StarSeries Season 11StarLadder StarSeriesStarLadder StarSeriesStarLadder StarSeries Season 11Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas0 : Polar$12,113
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