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Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lee Kong Yang
May 26, 1991 (1991-05-26) (age 27)
Alternate IDs:
K., kY.xY, kyx` Y
Signature Hero:
Magnus Naga Siren Lone Druid
Approx. Total Earnings:
2011-07-01 — 2012-01-19
2013-01-25 — 2013-09-21
2013-09-22 — 2014-10-01
2014-10-01 — 2014-12-20
2014-12-25 — 2015-02-22
2015-03-01 — 2015-03-26
2015-03-26 — 2015-06-04
2015-06-04 — 2015-08-17
2015-08-31 — 2016-05-28
2016-05-28 — 2017-03-23
2017-03-23 — 2017-05-21
2017-06-19 — 2017-07-??
2017-07-?? — 2018-0?-??
2018-03-?? — 2018-09-06
2018-09-08 — 2019-01-17
2019-01-17 — Present

Lee "kYxY" Kong Yang is a Malaysian professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Clutch Gamers.


Dota 2[edit]


kYxY began his professional career by joining MUFC in 2011. The team won WCG 2011 Asian Championship over Mineski in December. However, he later left the team in 2012. kYxY joined the Orange eSports youth squad in 2012. Eventually in 2013, he became a main player for the team along with Ohaiyo.


kYxY and his team, Orange, were one of the invited teams for The International 2013. The team managed to qualify for the upper bracket of the tournament, finishing 8-6 in Group B. After losing to Natus Vincere 1-2 in the upper bracket, kYxY and Orange made an amazing run through the lower bracket. During some games such as Game 2 of the Lower Bracket series between Orange and Team DK, kYxY became very notable for his Magnus performances as he prevented a Team DK comeback with first a 4-man Reverse Polarity and then another 5-man Reverse Polarity.
Orange finished TI3 claiming the third place in the event after losing in a dramatic 1-2 rematch series against Natus Vincere. After The International 2013 and Mushi's departure of Orange, it was announced on the 21st of September that the remaining players were leaving Orange and the four active players moved to Titan.[1][2]


kYxY's new team, Titan were considered the best team in Southeast Asia by many as the team won many Southeast Asian tournaments but never placed high in any international or premium-level tournaments. They received the sole invite slot for Southeast Asia for The International 2014 and placed 8th in the group stages with an 8-7 record, qualifying them for Phase Three of the tournament. Their first game was against Newbee but lost 1-2, knocking them out of The International 2014 and being unable to qualify for the main event. After TI4, it was unknown what would be the fate of kYxY and his team.

With Team DK disbanding after the retirement of key players, Mushi reunited the former Orange of TI3 under the name of Team Malaysia as kYxY joined him.[3] Despite the team's long win streak in Southeast Asian Dota tournaments, Mushi and XtiNcT left the team. kYxY remained on the team, but they did not have the same quality of performances in SEA Dota tournaments and 2 months after formation the team disbanded.

Around this time, kYxY boasted a 29-4 record on his Naga Siren (~88% win rate).


In the beginning of 2015, kYxY was left without a team. He joined G-Guard Esports in early January but later left to join former teammates Mushi and Ohaiyo at a new The team were dropped from the EHOME organization less than a month after the team's formation but remained playing under the name Team Malaysia. During this time, Team Malaysia became arguably the best team in Southeast Asia, with a 16-game winning streak and qualifying for many premium-level tournaments as well as earning SEA's sole direct invite to The International 2015. Team Malaysia were picked up by Fnatic around early June of 2015.[4]

kYxY and Fnatic were coming into The International 2015 as underdogs in comparison to other teams. Despite being underdogs, they managed to take a game decisively off of Team Secret, who were arguably the best team in the world at the time after winning many major LAN tournaments before TI5. Despite the great start in the group stages, Fnatic did not qualify for the upper bracket of TI5 and instead had to play against Virtus.Pro in the lower bracket who were coming off of an upper-lower bracket deciding playoff series. They were eliminated from TI5 in their Best of 1 game against Virtus.Pro, finishing 13th-16th in the tournament.

As of August 17th kYxY has left team Fnatic together with JoHnNy and Kecik Imba.


Date Placement LP Tier Tournament Team Results Prize
2018-07-192018-07-19 A11st A3Minor ANGGAME China vs SEA #2 - Online Final 3 : 0 $11,811
2017-06-022017-06-02 A33 - 4th A1Premier ZOTAC Cup Masters 0 : 2 $7,000
2015-08-032015-08-03 B313 - 16th A1Premier The International 2015 0 : 1 $55,289
2015-06-202015-06-20 A55 - 8th A1Premier ESL One Frankfurt 2015 0 : 2 $14,810
2015-06-072015-06-07 A33rd A1Premier joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 2 : 0 $25,087
2015-05-232015-05-23 A33rd A1Premier i-League Season 3 0 : 2 $55,474
2014-12-282014-12-28 A22nd A2Major OK.- Dota 2 Cup 0 : 3 $11,324
2014-07-142014-07-14 A99 - 10th A1Premier The International 2014 1 : 2 $49,158
2013-12-292013-12-29 A11st A2Major Asian Cyber Games 2013 2 : 1 $15,000
2013-08-112013-08-11 A33rd A1Premier The International 2013 1 : 2 $287,438
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  • KYxY was infamously known for his Aegis denial during the Semi-Finals of TI3 against Na'Vi where he miss clicked trying to get the Aegis for his team, costing them the match. The act of denying an Aegis for your own team is more commonly known in the community as getting "KYxY'd".