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[e][h] KaNG
Player Information
Chua Soon Khong
Alternate IDs:
Signature Hero:
Axe Dark Seer Timbersaw
Approx. Total Earnings:
2015-04-02 — 2015-07-07
2015-07-14 — 2015-10-??
2016-03-26 — 2016-07-??
2016-07-?? — 2016-08-15
2016-08-15 — 2017-01-11
2017-03-02 — 2017-03-25
2017-03-25 — 2017-03-27
2017-03-27 — 2017-08-21
2017-09-01 — 2017-11-08
2017-11-08 — 2018-03-21
2018-09-13 — 2018-11-11
2018-11-11 — 2019-03-21
2019-04-01 — 2019-??-??
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Chua "KaNG" Soon Khong is a Malaysian professional Dota 2 player.


Dota 2[edit]

KaNG joined Team Underminer in April 2015 as their solo mid player and gained notoriety amongst the SEA Dota 2 scene for his performances. He was invited to join Yamateh's new team Team SatuDuaTiga as their offlane player on July 14th, 2015.



2018-03-17EC5 - 8thA0Tier 1World Electronic Sports Games 2017World Electronic Sports Games 2017Fire DragoonFire DragoonFire Dragoon1 : 2Rock.YRock.Y$25,000
2018-01-21AC1 - 4thA2Tier 3Malaysia Esports League Group StageMalaysia Esports League Group StageFire DragoonFire DragoonFire Dragoon10/2/0Grp S.$2,313
2017-12-03AA1stA6QualifierWorld Electronic Sports Games 2017 Malaysia QualifierWorld Electronic Sports Games 2017 Malaysia QualifierFire DragoonFire DragoonFire Dragoon2 : 1818 Esports818 Esports$1,999
2017-06-03GA7 - 8thA0Tier 1ZOTAC Cup MastersZOTAC Cup MastersWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.Unity0 : 2Digital ChaosDigital Chaos$3,000
2017-04-26AA1stA2Tier 3SEA Kappa Invitational Season 4SEA Kappa Invitational Season 4WarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.Unity3 : 1HappyFeetHappyFeet$12,500
2017-04-09AA1stA2Tier 3Infinite Sky LeagueInfinite Sky LeagueWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.Unity14/-/1Grp S.$10,000
2016-12-10EC5 - 8thA0Tier 1The Boston Major 2016The Boston Major 2016WarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.Unity1 : 2OGOG$125,000
2016-09-30AA1stA2Tier 3ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #2ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #2WarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.Unity3 : 0Signature.TrustSignature.Trust$3,500
2016-08-30AA1stA2Tier 3ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #1ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #1WarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.UnityWarriorsGaming.Unity3 : 2ExecrationExecration$3,500
2015-07-23AA1stA2Tier 3SEA Dragon Battle Season 2SEA Dragon Battle Season 2Team SatuDuaTigaTeam SatuDuaTigaTeam SatuDuaTiga3 : 1Signature.TrustSignature.Trust$1,500
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