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[e][h] Li
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Peng Li
Alternate IDs:
Li.-_-!, -_-!‎, Sgua_Li
Approx. Total Earnings:
2013-03-14 — 2013-06-03
2015-09-04 — 2016-03-22
2017-09-?? — 2017-11-??
Newbee (Coach)

Peng "Li" Li was a professional Dota 2 player who is currently the coach for Newbee.


Li first began playing as a stand-in for professional teams in 2013. Notably, he frequently stood in for Newbee between May and November 2011 when the TI4-winning team could not field their full roster. He finally joined a team of his own by joining Newbee Young in September 2015.


2020-02-29EA5thA2Tier 3China Dota2 Development League Season 2China Dota2 Development League Season 2Typhoon E-Sports Club0 : 2$286
2020-01-08JA10thA1Tier 2China Dota2 Professional League Season 1China Dota2 Professional League Season 1Typhoon E-Sports Club1/-/8Grp S. 
2016-01-02CA3 - 4thA1Tier 2Shanghai Dota 2 OpenShanghai Dota 2 OpenNewbee Young1 : 2$7,709
2015-12-29AA1 - 2ndA2Tier 3Shanghai Dota 2 Open QualifierShanghai Dota 2 OpenShanghai Dota 2 Open QualifierNewbee Young2 : 0$3,853
2015-12-26GA7 - 8thA1Tier 2Dota 2 Radiant & Dire Cup 2015Dota 2 Radiant & Dire Cup 2015Newbee Young0 : 1$7,741
2015-12-09AA1stA6QualifierDota 2 Radiant & Dire Cup 2015 - Qualifiers Group ADota 2 Radiant & Dire Cup 2015 - Qualifiers Group ANewbee Young6/0/2Grp S. 
2015-11-23FJ6 - 16thA1Tier 2ECL 2015 Dota 2 AutumnECL 2015 Dota 2 AutumnNewbee Young2/-/1Grp S. 
2015-11-16MC13 - 16thA0Tier 1The Frankfurt Major 2015The Frankfurt Major 2015Newbee Young0 : 1$30,000
2014-06-01CA3rdA0Tier 1WPC 2014World e-Sports Professional ClassicWPC 2014Newbee2 : 1$16,005
2013-05-07IG9 - 16thA1Tier 2AMD Premier League Season 1AMD Premier LeagueAMD Premier League Season 1Vici Gaming0 : 1 
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2017-11-26AA1stA1Tier 2Perfect World MastersPerfect World MastersNewbee3 : 0$150,000
2017-10-29CA3 - 4thA0Tier 1ESL One Hamburg 2017ESL One Hamburg 2017Newbee1 : 2$90,000
2017-10-14GA7 - 8thA1Tier 2StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3Newbee0 : 2$7,500
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