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Liquipedia:DPC Pages Removal

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What happened to the DPC pages on Liquipedia?[edit]

Succinctly, the organizers broke Liquipedia’s notability guidelines for the Dota 2 Wiki.

What are the Liquipedia tournament notability guidelines?[edit]

The notability guidelines can be found here. The following is the most relevant point of said guidelines:

  • A rulebook
    • Rules should make it clear how the event will work in its entirety.
    • Tournament organizers must not change rules as the event is ongoing.
      • Special cases might be taken into consideration. Please contact Liquipedia with details.

How were these guidelines broken for DPC?[edit]

The rules for tiebreakers in DPC were changed without prior notice.

  • All published tiebreaker rules till today indicated that Div 1 tiebreakers are only (effectively) played for tied teams competing for relegation or Major upper bracket/Major group stage/Major wildcard.
  • Valve quietly changed the DPC Major’s format in February 2022; however, no updated rules regarding tiebreakers were provided.
  • This was interpreted by Liquipedia contributors to mean that there are no matches played to break ties among Major-qualified teams (and instead using head to head score etc), or any of the teams that are going to the same “seed” level.
  • Today, DreamLeague announced that 3rd and 4th place Tundra Esports and Team Liquid would play a tiebreaker as well as 1st and 2nd between OG and Gaimin Gladiators, which is inconsistent with any of the published rules to date as it separates neither Major qualification nor Major placement. (The match between Brame and Entity for which team stays in Div 1 and which team gets relegated to Div 2 follows the current written rules.)

Why do we have these guidelines?[edit]

Liquipedia’s core purpose is to record the history of esports accurately. To this end, we work within certain limits, the notability guidelines. In Dota 2 specifically, these guidelines help us avoid devoting resources to competitions with dubious operations or questionable results.

We have, after seeing issues in the Dota 2 scene, started to require a higher level of competitive integrity from tournament organizers. These higher standards protect the players, the contributors, and the spectators from potential harm.

Have other tournaments been removed like this before?[edit]

Yes, many. Recently there was the Gamers Galaxy Dubai, but the organizers resolved the situation swiftly.