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Liquipedia:Notability Guidelines

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Please note that inclusion of pages in mainspace is ultimately up to the discretion of the Liquipedia administrators.

Sadly, not everything can be added to the wiki. We want all our pages to be as up-to-date as possible and to meet our quality standards in general. That is made harder the more pages are created, not to mention additional factors, such as the fact that lower ranked teams tend to not have social media where they announce transfers, and so on.

Now, these are not non-negotiable. This wiki contains coverage of certain teams, players and scenes that do not actually meet our guidelines, yet we allow them because there is an active volunteer(s) that keeps those pages of high-quality. This however does not mean that we will allow you to create a page for your team just because you say you will keep it up to date. On the other hand, if you were to be highly interested in, say, keeping the Spanish national scene up to date, then go ahead! In the cases where this is not the case however, all of this means we have to prioritise: we try to keep our coverage to just the top and the sub-top tier of competitive Dota 2 as defined by the guidelines below. Any pages that do not meet these guidelines will not be deleted, but will be moved to your user space.

If you disagree with the decision for a certain page, please do come chat in our Discord Discord.



Players may receive their individual pages, as long as they surpass a certain threshold of notability as detailed below. If your chosen player fits at least one of these, then they are likely notable to warrant a page on this wiki. Achievement criteria only apply if the player participated in at least 50% of games of their respective team.

  • Achievements:
    • Competed for a DPC Major, Minor or Division I (Upper Division) of Regional League tournaments
    • DPC Regional League Division II (Lower Division) tournaments:
      • Competed in 2 consecutive tours, top 4 in either tour
      • Competed in 3 consecutive tours, regardless of standing
    • Tier 1 tournaments: Top 8 or Top 16 at administrators' discretion
    • Tier 2 tournaments: Top 4 or Top 8 at administrators' discretion
    • Consistent good results in multiple Tier 3, Tier 4, Monthly or Weekly events, and always at administrators' discretion.
  • Previous history: If the player was a pro-gamer in another game (Warcraft III, StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft 2, ...)
  • Signed: If the player is a notable member of a major organization.


Casters may receive their individual pages, as long as they surpass a certain threshold of notability. Check the bullet points below. If your chosen caster fits at least two of these, then they are likely notable to warrant a page on this wiki.


When to create:

  • The team has competed in or qualified for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Main Event or Division I (Upper Division) of DPC Regional League or
  • it is a well-established esport organization with highly notable results in other esports, preferably with pages on the other Liquipedia wikis as well or
  • it consists of at least 3 well-known players with notable achievements or a Liquipedia page or
  • it has proven itself as a lower tier team due to significant achievements in multiple Tier 3, Tier 4, Monthly or Weekly events and
  • it has more than 4 members (so it can enter tournaments and such).

When not to create:

  • Classic start-up team with no history and no organization
  • Random stack hastily created to compete in a qualifier
  • The team has no significant achievements


  • There should not be a page created for a stack of multiple well-known players without an organization behind them or a stated intent of playing together for a prolonged amount of time unless
    • they have participated in at least 3 Tier 1 or Tier 2 Main Events.
  • There should not be a page created for a team with organization behind them that has no prior significant achievements in the Division II (Lower Divison) of DPC Regional League unless
    • they have competed in 2 concurrent tours in the Division II (Lower Divison) of DPC Regional League tournaments.


Last update: May 24, 2022

Tournaments meeting the requirements listed below should be added right away for documentary purposes:

  • A cash prize of at least $500 USD.
  • A DotaTV Ticket.
  • A verifiable public source for either:
    • The tournament organiser - where information about the event can be found
    • Or for the event specifically
  • Active social media featuring related content.
  • A rulebook
    • Rules should make it clear how the event will work in its entirety.
    • Tournament organisers must not change rules as the event is ongoing.
      • Special cases might be taken in consideration. Please contact Liquipedia with details.
  • Teams
    • Team name
    • Team ID
    • Social media (if applicable)
    • In case a team needs to be replaced this should also be documented, ideally with details on why that's happening.
  • Team rosters
    • Players (all players, including stand-ins).
      • Nickname
      • Steam details (profile URL, SteamID, SteamID3 or SteamID64)
      • Real name (as written on their identification papers)
      • Nationality (only one is needed per player)
    • Details on which match(es) stand-in(s) have played and who they replaced. (if applicable)
  • Schedule
    • The time zone for the whole schedule or individual matches if these use different time zones.
      An example of date format with time zone would be: July 15, 2014 - 15:00 CEST.
    • In the case of matches being rescheduled, this should also be noted
  • DPC Events
    • Relevant materials should be provided prior to the beginning

Any additional information is always welcome. All material previously listed must be kept up to date throughout the event. Tournaments that seemingly only exist on spreadsheets will not be covered.

In addition, Liquipedia administrators may refuse to create pages for tournaments deemed untrustworthy until after they've concluded.

User pages[edit]

Completely optional, but make your userpage a good indication of who you are! Feel free to be friendly or use some Userboxes to spruce things up.