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Liquipedia:The International 2017 Bracket Contest

Video guide

1. Log in to Liquipedia using your ID and password or simply by clicking on the button "Log in as YOUR_TL_NICK". If you don't have an account yet, register here.

2. The next steps will be shown when you are logged in.
2. Create your own user page for the The International 2017.

3. Fill out the page

  1. See an example of how a completed bracket might look like: EXAMPLE
  2. Fill out the team names, scores, and if the team won.
    • After |RxDyteam= or |RxWyteam= you have to fill in the name of the team.
    • After |RxDyscore= or |RxWyscore= you should put the score the team gets in the game (0, 1, 2, 3)
    • After |RxDywin= or |RxWywin= the winning team gets a 1, while you leave it empty for the losing team.
  3. The variables are ordered in the same order as the generated bracket. (from top to bottom)
  4. The drop downs are simple first round, and cross second round like so.
  5. Hit "Show preview" to see if it looks all right.
  6. Hit "Save page".

4. Done!

  • You see, editing Liquipedia isn't that hard, right? We have a lot to do and YOU can help us! Here are good resources for beginners. If you're not really familiar with Dota 2, check out our other wikis, they need your help as well!

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • You can use the preview button to check on your progress.
  • Names are case sensitive. Please only use lower case letters.
  • If anything does not work out, or if you still have questions, visit our Discord Server.