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[e][h] Loda
Player Information
Jonathan Emanuel Berg
March 19, 1988 (1988-03-19) (age 32)
Alternate IDs:
Laoda, L-God, Lodaberg, LiveAndLetLoda, LordOfDolAmroth
Signature Hero:
Juggernaut Lifestealer Wraith King
Approx. Total Earnings:
2006-07-14 — 2006-??-??
2006-??-?? — 2006-10-??
2006-10-?? — 2006-12-03
2006-??-?? — 2007-06-30
2007-06-30 — 2009-03-10
2009-03-13 — 2009-03-19
2009-05-18 — 2009-07-12
2009-07-12 — 2010-07-01
Dota 2:
2011-12-11 — 2012-02-06
2012-02-02 — 2012-05-18
2012-05-18 — 2012-09-19
2012-10-29 — 2013-04-12
2013-04-12 — 2017-06-09
2017-06-09 — 2017-08-31
Alliance (Inactive)
2017-08-31 — 2018-06-03
2018-06-03 — Present
Alliance (Coach)

Jonathan "Loda" Berg is a professional Dota 2 player currently coaching for team Alliance. Having played professionally since 2006 together with team-mate and support player Akke and creating and captaining several successful teams, he is one of the biggest veterans in the scene. Considered one of the best players in the world during the 2007-2008 era, he was one of the few players raised up to legendary status by the Chinese, giving him the nickname "L-God" and is still very famous in the Chinese Dota community[1]. Rivaling Danish veteran captain Maelk, who lead team MYM in many finals versus Loda's successful DotA: Allstars team SK Gaming had this to say about him during his peak with SK in 2008:[2]

Loda has a great energy in game and has a magic ability to lead his allies into certain death but still come out on top. He has a flair for entertaining people and is a great guy online as well as offline. A quote I think describes him well, and that I think he would agree with, would be "This is Loda's world, we are just lucky to live in it!".
MYM|Maelk (Behind the mask of Loda[2])


The Lord of Dol Amroth[edit]

Loda started playing DotA under the name "LordOfDolAmroth", a nickname derived from the Lord of The Rings, some time prior to 2006 but it was during the summer of that year that his competitive career began. After playing in-houses and other leagues with some pro players and other people with his friend Akke[3], he felt that he had what it took to play at the competitive level and created a team called Team_Team[4] with a lineup consisting of Akke, Bogdan, KwoM and Renji in the summer of 2006. Together as T_T, they registered for the qualifiers for the new upcoming ESL DotA International Premiership Series[5]. Despite being a team of completely unknown players, they managed to qualify for the main tournament[6] after beating teams such as Maelk's team lolboat[6], which was already considered a top team at the time. But shortly after their success with the newly created T_T, Loda and Akke decided to leave the team and join a new team together with the Danish players Maelk, MaNia and Paccie called Jukes on You[7], or "JoY", after being approached by Maelk.[3] With JoY Loda and Akke won MYM Prime Defending #3 in October 2006 which resulted MYM picking up the team, with the additions of German players LevenT and H4nn1. But after winning DreamHack Winter 2006 in December the same year with the original JoY squad only a weeks after their sponsorship from MYM, Loda and Akke left the team after feeling that playing for an international team was not quite the same as their old Swedish T_T squad.[3] Playing for MYM was also the only time Loda played support together with Akke.[7]

Team_Team and the rise of SK Gaming[edit]

Going back to playing with the same roster as before they split up, Team_Team registered for the upcoming MYM Prime Defending #4 in March 2007, which by then had grown into a massive international tournament with over a hundred competing teams. The tournament went well, but they did not finish in the top 3 of the tournament. One month later however, in April 2007, T_T won MYM Prime Defending #5 which by then had grown into somewhat of an online World Cup of DotA, fielding over two hundred teams. Defeating many teams (such as Say Plz, DoA, TeG and maGe) on the way, and finally rivaling captain Maelk's MYM in the finals by utilizing a new global strategy nicknamed the global strat.

The global strategy utilized heroes with with global abilities in order to never be outnumbered during team-fights, by gaining an advantage with heroes joining late in fights or finishing off enemies on low health with global damaging abilities. Loda said that the strat was an evolution of something he and Bogdan had seen in a scrim versus KuroKy's team WE (World Eaters). At that time the global strat only included the heroes Zeus, Furion and Spectre, all of which had global abilities that could impact team-fights and gank attempts anywhere on the map. This was later expanded with other heroes and would greatly influence the evolution of DotA. In the Winners Finals match against Magic aGe, or maGe, Loda showed both the advantage of the global strategy as well as his excellent farming capabilities. After six consecutive deaths in the early game on his Shadow Fiend, Loda finally got his Blink Dagger with the support of the global strat, this game with Drayich on Zeus, Renji on Furion and Bogdan on Spectre.[8] After the the disastrous start, Loda turned the game around from a seemingly unwinnable situation with three perfectly timed Requiem of Souls by blinking in among the enemy team from high-ground. Some claim that MYM Prime Defending #5 was the tournament that broadened DotA's reach over the world and made it into a real e-sport, and their win was what put Loda and his team on the map for the years to come.

Loda and Akke playing for SK Gaming

In June 2007 Team_Team was picked up by SK Gaming, shortly after finishing second to Maelk's MYM at DreamHack Summer 2007. The first tournament under their new sponsor was The Frozen League, one of the big influential tournaments of the 6.41-era. Loda and his SK Gaming won the tournament by beating MYM in the finals, by now completely abandoning the popular tri-lane strategy in favor of his global strat. But after this triumph it would be a long time before SK won another title, and despite competing in MYM Prime Defending #6, #7 and #8, SK never made it to the finals in any of them. During this era team ruled the DotA world with the "King of Gankers", V-God Vigoss who made the era into the ganking era by winning three MYM PriDes in a row. Loda was however still one of big stars of the DotA community and was continually ranked as one of the best players in the world on in-house league rankings, many people claiming e single-handedly carried his SK Gaming during this time with his ability to always find farm even after being shut down or after participating in unsuccessful ganks. One thing that really set him apart was his creativity. Many heroes that were long forgotten in the competitive scene were reborn under Loda's hands.

One of his most famous heroes was Shadow Fiend, for whom he during the 6.41-era developed a Bottle, Blink Dagger, BKB build that later became the standard build for the imbalanced SF of the 6.41-era. Slardar, Rikimaru, Juggernaut as well as the biggest surprise of them all Spectre, were also brought back into competitive play by Loda. After the 6.48 patch, Spectre was only played as the hardest of carries, safely farming a Radiance and never joining the fight until it was complete. But Loda changed how the hero was played with a Diffusal mid-game ganking build that reawakened Spectre and made her one of the best and strongest carries in the game. It was from this time and onward that Loda attained "legend status" among the Chinese, the right to append "-God" to the first letter of his name, for his individual skill and unique glamour of his play. After patch 6.51, which introduced changes to many ganking heroes as well as a nerf to the Blink Dagger, the ganking era came to an end. SK adapted to this change, embracing the new trend of focusing on late-game carries, and Loda began to showcase that he was not only a good supporter with exceptional understanding of the metagame but also a skilled farmer, and the undeniable key player on the team regardless of the balance changes.

But it was not until 2008 that Loda and SK reached their peak together and after some roster changes in February of the same year, surprisingly adding the former VP star support Smile, with whom the SK roster was completed together with Akke, Bogdan, toMpa and hailo.[9] In March 2008 SK defeated MYM in the ESL Major Series Playoffs, dominating the regular season and MYM Prime Defending #9 champions MYM 2-0 in the finals.[10] In both games SK used one of the more common late game strategies to win their games.[10] After a period of stagnation SK had secured their position as one of the best DotA teams in the world once again, winning MYM Prime Defending #10 in May the same year and earning an invite to the ESWC Masters of Paris in July.[11] SK went on to win both ESWC Paris as well as DreamHack Summer 2008 and in a prize money ranking in October SK was ranked first among all the DotA teams in the world.[12] However, this was where SK peaked and despite strong showings in both the Prime Defending League and at DreamHack Winter the same year, SK would finish second to MYM in both these tournaments and after several roster changes[13] SK began to slowly fade away from the absolute top of the competitive scene. Finally the 10th of March 2009, SK Gaming announced the release of their DotA division. In the announcement, Loda contributed this to that they had not enjoyed playing with each other during the last months, and that he did not want to be the leader of something that he did not believe in[14]. This would mean the end of Loda's SK Gaming and in a later interview Loda stated that he had gotten the opportunity to rebuild the team from the ground, but had declined as it would be very time-cunsuming and would put on a lot of new expectations from the community and he just did not have the urge to do it.[15]

The Last Try and Heroes of Newerth[edit]

Loda winning the Gamescom 2009 DotA Tournament with Fnatic

After leaving SK, Loda joined Meet Your Makers for the second time alongside Maelk.[16] But after only winning one tournament, the "Kings of Kings Championship", MYM disbanded due to financial difficulties in March,[17] with most of the MYM players proceeded to merge with Danish team Ravens. The two that that did not follow to join that team was Loda and MiSeRY, instead creating a new team called The Last Try, TLT, together with KwoM, png, Twisted and Kebap.[18] Only about a month after forming TLT won DreamHack Summer 2009,[19] and soon after they were picked up by Fnatic.[20] At Gamescom 2009, the team won the Riot Games sponsored Gamescom DotA Tournament with a team consisting of Loda, KwoM, MiSeRy, Kebap and temporary stand-in Freezer. Later some issues started to surface, and after an announcement (and renouncement) stating the team had joined AEON to be able to participate in the SMM tournament, the teams problems with Fnatic's management[21] and in resulted in Fnatic to part ways with their Dota squad in January 2010.[22] The roster at the time of disbandment consisted of Loda, MiSeRy, KwoM, Ducky and Mirakel.[22]

The former Fnatic squad, with the exception of Miracle, joined force with two other Danish MYM dropouts in AngeL and miGGel and formed a new team.[23] It was briefly named EnotHOME (a pun based on EHOME), but the name "made Loda puke"[23] so they soon switched name to Ducky's Dream Team.[23] AngeL and miGGel left the team after a few months[24] and were replaced by Pajkatt and Twisted a few weeks later.[25] After searching for a sponsor to be able to go to the big upcoming LAN tournaments Ducky's Dream Team finally got a sponsorship in May 2010, from Blight Gaming, who promised to send them to both ESWC in Paris and SMM in Malaysia.[26] It would turn out to be promises Blight could not keep, and after only one month DDT left the organization.[27] Instead they were picked up by LOST who sponsored their trip to ESWC,[28] where they unfortunately only finished in 5-6th place.[29]

During 2010 Loda gradually started switching game to Heroes of Newerth. He played for teams such as ButtonBashers,[30] Druidz,[31] KD-Gaming[32] and also, in August 2011, he won the HoN Super Series, standing in for Online Kingdom.[33]. During ESWC 2010 Loda said in an interview with Swedish gaming site that he played HoN for fun and that the level of play in HoN was lower than DotA but that he enjoyed it nonetheless. He also said that he looked forward to IceFrog's new Dota 2 project that was in the making by VALVe.[34]

Dota 2[edit]

Loda started playing Dota 2 during the early beta days and when Dota 2 was revealed at The International the speculations about what team he would play for started after streaming some games on in late September of 2011, one of them being Pajkatt who had been playing for team GGnet during the tournament. In December 2012, Loda announced that he would return to competitive Dota 2 with a team called "Experience", or xP[35], with a team consisting of Akke, Mirakel, Noez and Niqua, and that the team was actively searching for sponsors [36]. After participation in som online competitions, such as the InsideDOTA Invitational and the D2E Challenge, xP was announced as the replacement of Mirakel's old team 10,000th in The Premier League Season 1, which also revealed that Pinoy and Pajkatt (who was playing for team Evil Geniuses at the time) were now a part of the team[37]. As Pajkatt joined, Loda went from playing carry to the solo off-lane and later also handed over the captaincy of the team to him. Approximately two months after announcing the return with xP, the team was picked up by the American organization Counter Logic Gaming in early 2012.[38] The team later replaced Pinoy with smulgullig, but after going on a small vacation and coming back to the team, he didn't feel the same as when he first created it as he had to play a more passive role after Pajkatt took over. After some time and without any big success, their only big finish a 3rd place at the first StarLadder Finals, Loda and Pajkatt's clashing play styles among other things later led to Loda deciding to leave the team in May 2012, completely handing over his team to Pajkatt.[39]

Loda playing for Team Zenith in 2012

A few days later, Team Zenith announced on it's twitter feed that Loda had chosen to join the Singaporean powerhouse completing the roster as their fifth and final player for the upcoming International 2.[40] Moving to Singapore as one of the first western players ever to play with an Southeast Asian team, Loda was quickly integrated into the team whose unconventional playstyle had earned them the nickname "The Na´Vi of the East". Matching well against the Chinese teams in online competitions prior to The International 2, Zenith was considered one of the favorites going in after receiving their invites. This would be Loda's first International and playing with the 3rd place finishers of the first International, where most of the Zenith roster was playing under the name Scythe Gaming, seemed like a step up from the team he chose to leave back home. CLG were also going together with old DDT teammate and MiSeRy, who had officially joined the team after Loda's departure. Zenith faced off versus CLG in the group stages, winning the match 2-0 and still looking strong, but after losing against the seemingly unstoppable LGD in the Upper Bracket semifinals, they lost the ensuing game versus Team DK and finished 6th in the tournament. Shortly after the tournament, Loda's friend and captain of Zenith hyhy announced his retirement and only a few days later Loda later also announced that he would leave Zenith and move back to Sweden.[41]

Deciding not to join LGD Gaming's new international squad together with Pajkatt, Loda set out to create a new team after being contacted by a sponsor wanting to start something new.[42] Deciding that he had tried to play for an international team for the final time, he wanted to go with an all Swedish lineup once again. Akke had not joined Pajkatt after the disbandment of the old CLG and looking through the community for other talented Swedish players, his eyes fell on former HoN player and rising star s4 who he had noticed as a skillful mid-solo during his time in HoN. s4 played with another Swedish player AdmiralBulldog in the up-and-coming team No Tidehunter led by Canadian support EternaLEnVy. So in late October it was announced that Loda and his long time friend and teammate Akke would join the roster of No Tidehunter.[43]

Loda and Akke's first tournament with No Tidehunter was the AVerMedia Dota 2 Cup, an online tournament that would be a good measurement of the potential of the new team. They made it to the finals but lost to 2-0 to Evil Geniuses but showed that they were a team not to be taken lightly, and two weeks later they traveled to Sweden for DreamHack Winter 2012 to play in their first offline tournament. [[nth] went undefeated in the group stages and all the way to the finals, and in the Grand Finals once again faced Evil Geniuses, who they had already beaten in the group stages. As they lost the first game in the best of three series, many thought they had no chance to take the tournament. But as the finals moved to a bigger arena for the second game, and after two impressive games in front of the home crowd No Tidehunter came out victorious, the first one featuring an unconventional tactic dubbed "The Bait" by fans. Loda with the fourth DreamHack DotA title of his career and No Tidehunter went home with the grand prize of 100,000 SEK, exploding into the Dota 2 scene.

The following week No Tidehunter attended their second offline event in Sweden, the Thor Open 2012, a tournament which the team qualified for before Loda and Akke joined. Featuring mostly Swedish teams, aside from the emerging European powerhouse of Fnatic, and a first place prize of 100,000 SEK once again, many expected No Tidehunter to sweep the tournament in similar fashion as they did in the DreamHack group stages the week before. Loda had however said in several interviews during DreamHack that Fnatic was indeed a team to fear and probably one of the best teams in the west at the moment. As predicted by many, the finals would be between Fnatic and No Tidehunter, but it seemed that Fnatic suddenly was the better team and swept Loda's team 2-0 in the finals claiming the grand prize and marking the start of their dominance in the European scene and No Tidehunter only going home with 20,000 SEK.

Forging a new Alliance[edit]

While still being a dominant team, No Tidehunter would fall into a slump in January 2013, not beating a top tier teams regularly anymore, after captain EternaLEnVy went on a vacation in China during the Christmas break. Playing in the new ESL League EMS One Spring, they would finally win something, the second Cup after reaching the semifinals in the first. As Loda felt the language barrier as well as other problems were getting in the way of the development of the team, having talked to the rest of the team, Loda finally talked to the hard-working young Canadian about handing over captaincy. After having s4 doing the picks for a week, they finally decided it would be best if EternaLEnVy left the team.[44] Loda's dream of an all Swedish remained, and rumors of a Swedish team house flourished. In the following days it was reported by 2GD that EGM would join the team, and the all Swedish lineup was complete.[45]

After EGM joined nth they immediately started showing better shape. They won both the following two EMS One Spring tournaments, and finished the group stage of the 5th season of the StarLadder StarSeries on a 14 games win streak. At the offline finals of the same tournament they didn't lose a single series and hence were crowned champions of the StarLadder StarSeries Season 5. This was Loda's second LAN victory in Dota 2.

Nth were picked up by Alliance in April 2013, and under this new name, the squads successes continued. In May they went to Shanghai to compete in the G-1 Champions League Season 5 against the best Asian teams. Alliance did not drop a single game during the entire tournament and took home the first prize of over $40,000, the highest prize money sum that Loda had ever recieved up to that point. This also completed Loda's career-long dream of being able to compete with the Chinese on their home turf.[46]


2017-01-15CA3rdA0PremierWorld Electronic Sports Games 2016World Electronic Sports Games 2016Alliance2 : 1$200,000
2016-08-10IC9 - 12thA0PremierThe International 2016The International 2016Alliance0 : 2$311,557
2016-01-17AA1stA0PremierStarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1Alliance2 : 0$120,891
2015-12-20AA1stA0PremierWorld Cyber Arena 2015World Cyber Arena 2015Alliance3 : 2$370,071
2015-06-07BA2ndA0PremierjoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2Alliance1 : 2$41,812
2014-06-16AA1stA0PremierDreamLeague Season 1DreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 1Alliance3 : 2$74,000
2014-01-15AA1stA0PremierDota 2 Champions League Season 1Dota 2 Champions League Season 1Alliance3 : 0$25,000
2013-08-11AA1stA0PremierThe International 2013The InternationalThe International 2013Alliance3 : 2$1,437,190
2013-06-17AA1stA0PremierDreamHack Summer 2013DreamHackDreamHack Summer 2013Alliance2 : 1$21,681
2013-05-26AA1stA0PremierG-1 Champions League Season 5G-1 Champions LeagueG-1 Champions League Season 5Alliance2 : 0$40,770
Complete list of results in any tournament
2019-08-20MC13 - 16thA0PremierThe International 2019The International 2019Alliance0 : 1$514,951
2019-07-28AA1stA1MajorDOTA Summit 10DOTA Summit 10Alliance3 : 0$42,000
2019-06-29EA5 - 6thA0PremierEPICENTER Major 2019EPICENTER Major 2019Alliance0 : 2$60,000
2019-06-16BA2ndA1MajorStarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2Alliance2 : 3$70,000
2019-05-30KA11 - 12thA1MajorESL One Birmingham 2019ESL One Birmingham 2019Alliance1/0/4Grp S.$3,000
2019-04-28CA3rdA1MajorOGA Dota PIT Minor 2019OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019Alliance0 : 2$35,000
2019-02-21KA11 - 12thA1MajorESL One Katowice 2019ESL One Katowice 2019Alliance0/2/3Grp S.$3,000
2019-01-22MC13 - 16thA0PremierThe Chongqing MajorThe Chongqing MajorAlliance0 : 1$10,000
2018-11-13IC9 - 12thA0PremierThe Kuala Lumpur MajorThe Kuala Lumpur MajorAlliance0 : 2$15,000
2018-10-25IA9 - 10thA1MajorESL One Hamburg 2018ESL One Hamburg 2018Alliance0/3/2Grp S.$5,000
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