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Mana Points

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Mana Points (also known as Mana or MP) represents the amount of mana a unit has remaining. The mana bar appears as a blue bar on the HUD, underneath the Health bar. Mana is the resource used to cast most spells. If the current mana is lower than the amount needed to use a skill, it cannot be cast.

All heroes have a base mana of 75, plus 12 per each point of 30px Intelligence.

The left number shows the current mana, while the right number shows the maximum mana. The number shown with a + sign on the far right is mana regen per second.

Example mana bar:

          100 / 100      +0.9

MP Formula[edit]

The following formula is used to calculate total mana points.

For agility and strength heroes:

(Intelligence Growth × (Current Level - 1) ➜ rounded down) + Base Intelligence + Bonus Intelligence × 12 = Mana from Intelligence + 75 Base Mana = Total Mana

For intelligence heroes:

(Intelligence Growth × (Current Level - 1) ➜ rounded down) + Base Intelligence + Bonus Intelligence × 15 = Mana from Intelligence + 75 Base Mana = Total Mana

Mana Point Regeneration[edit]

Mana Point Regeneration (also known as Mana Regen or MP Regen) represents the amount of mana a hero regenerates per second.

Heroes regain 0.05 mana every second per point of Intelligence, plus any bonuses from items and skills.

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Buff Heroes can now have non-standard base mana regen values
  • Rework Intelligence now provides 0.05 Mana Regeneration instead of multiplying regen values
  • Nerf Removed the 0.9 base mana regen value
  • Rework Reworked intelligence bonuses
  • Buff Intelligence heroes now gain 25% more of all intelligence stats than strength and agility heroes
  • Nerf Reduced mana regen amplification bonus per intelligence from 2% to 1.8%
  • Nerf Reduced spell damage bonus per intelligence from 0.071% (1/14) to 0.07%
  • Nerf Intelligence heroes no longer gain 0.15% magic resistance per point of intelligence
  • Rework Reworked mana regeneration formula
  • Buff Each point of Intelligence amplifies mana regeneration by 2%
  • Buff Intelligence mana increased from 11 to 12
  • Buff Intelligence's Spell Amplification from 1% per 15 to 1% per 14
  • Nerf Mana per point of Intelligence reduced from 12 to 11
  • Buff Base mana increased from 50 to 75
  • Buff Intelligence based Spell Amplification increased from 1% per 16 Intelligence to 1% per 15
  • Buff Hero base mana increased from 0 to 50
  • Nerf Mana per int reduced from 13 to 12
  • Buff Intelligence now increases your spell damage by 1% per 16 Intelligence points

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