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Player Information
Mason Venne
November 2, 1991 (1991-11-02) (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
Mason, Emperor Crush, Audrey Belrose, Masao
Signature Hero:
Weaver Mirana Phantom Assassin
Approx. Total Earnings:
2013-09-29 — 2013-10-08
2014-06-02 — 2014-07-28
2015-08-30 — 2015-10-25
2015-12-06 — 2016-01-17
2016-04-29 — 2016-06-??
2016-09-15 — 2016-09-21
2017-01-01 — 2017-04-14
2017-04-14 — 2017-12-04
2019-03-06 — 2019-03-23
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Mason "mason" Venne is an American professional Dota 2 player who last played for Infamous.


Mason made his competitive Dota 2 debut in September 2013 playing for Take Five. The team was put together by DeMoN in order to participate in RaidCall EMS ONE Fall Americas, which the team ended up winning. Take Five however disbanded shortly after.

In March 2014 mason was a stand-in for Fear of Evil Geniuses, who was recovering from a forearm injury at the time. During his time as a stand-in, mason helped Evil Geniuses qualify for Star Ladder Series Season 9 as well as place first in the MLG T.K.O Tournament. Mason became a full-time member of Evil Geniuses after Fear was officially ruled inactive due to his arm injury.[1] During his tenure as a full-time member of Evil Geniuses, mason helped the team secure third place at The International 2014. After The International 2014, Mason was removed from Evil Geniuses and would go inactive until joining High Council of Wizards&Priests after The International 2015 shuffle.

Mason joined Doo Wop on September 15th, 2016, only to leave the team 6 days later.[2]
In March 2017, mason's new team, Team Onyx, qualified for the The Kiev Major in the North American qualifiers by defeating CompLexity Gaming.


2021-05-22BA2ndA1Tier 2Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Lower DivisionDota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Lower DivisionArkosh Gaming6/-/1Grp S.$16,000
2019-03-18IC9 - 12thA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 11DreamLeague Season 11Infamous0 : 2$15,000
2017-08-09IC9 - 12thA0Tier 1The International 2017The International 2017Chaos Esports Club0 : 2$370,319
2017-04-27IG9 - 16thA0Tier 1The Kiev Major 2017The Kiev Major 2017Chaos Esports Club0 : 2$62,500
2014-07-20CA3rdA0Tier 1The International 2014The InternationalThe International 2014Evil Geniuses1 : 2$1,037,778
2014-06-29BA2ndA0Tier 1ESL One Frankfurt 2014ESL OneESL One Frankfurt 2014Evil Geniuses1 : 2$42,180
2014-06-24AA1stA0Tier 1HyperX D2L Western ChallengeRaidCall Dota 2 LeagueHyperX D2L Western ChallengeEvil Geniuses3 : 0$29,629
2014-06-14FA6thA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 1DreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 1Evil Geniuses0 : 2$19,500
2014-06-08AA1stA0Tier 1The SummitThe SummitEvil Geniuses3 : 2$59,558
2014-04-05AA1stA1Tier 2MLG T.K.O. AmericaMLG T.K.O. AmericaEvil Geniuses3 : 1$14,000
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