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[e][h]Team SMGTeam SMG MidOne
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Yeik Nai Zheng
June 3, 1996 (age 26)
Years Active (Player):
2016 - Present
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Miduan, midone
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Ember Spirit Invoker Outworld Destroyer
2015-12-07 — 2016-08-24Fnatic
2016-08-27 — 2019-11-04Team Secret
2019-11-04 — 2019-12-30Team Secret(Inactive)
2020-01-29 — 2021-03-22OG
2021-04-12 — PresentTeam SMG
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Tournaments
DPC SEA 2023 Tour 2: Division I DPC SEA 2023 Tour 2: Division I
Mar 13 - Apr 3
ESL One Berlin Major 2023 ESL One Berlin Major 2023
April 26, 2023 - 00:00 UTC
Apr 26 - May 7

Yeik "MidOne" Nai Zheng (born June 3, 1996) is a Malaysian Dota 2 player who is currently playing for Team SMG.


MidOne had a profound interest in video games when he was a child. His first video game he played was Tetris on a Gameboy when he was 3–4 years old and later moved to console gaming playing the Final Fantasy series on the PlayStation 1. At the age of 7 he played his first computer games: Sonic and Rayman before playing venturing into DotA when he saw his brother playing it.[1] His interest with DotA grew and later transitioned into Dota 2 playing in semi-professional teams to professional teams. While becoming the first player from South-East Asia to reach 8000MMR, he is an up-and-coming Dota 2 talent in Malaysia and South-East Asia. MidOne studies mechanical engineering at Multimedia University (Melaka) Malaysia.[2]

Dota 2[edit]

Learning DotA from his brother, he kept on playing against him and his cousins in 1v1 matches. Despite losing, he had a competitive mindset and wanted improve and beat professional players such as kYxY. When he was 13 years old he joined a SMM tournament qualifier and came second place and a few years later he joined small tournaments around Malaysia to further obtain knowledge and experience as a Dota 2 player, while at the same time playing on solo matchmaking to improve his MMR.[1] While playing Dota as an amateur competitively, his parents would tell him to stop playing; ironically his friends would tell MidOne to stop studying and take a break, such as Dota.[3] When MidOne later became a professional player his friends and parents showed bipartisan support for him as a professional gamer.

However, tournament losses made MidOne re-evaluate his Dota career and was on the brink of quitting but a tournament emerged and decided to group up with his friends and players forming Team DOT. After a successful qualification in his region, Penang, his team qualified for the main event beating Team GIZMO 3-0 in the grand finals of the 2015 Mountain Dew Dota 2 Challenge earning a prize of RM60,000.[4] After winning the tournament, he later received an offer from Fnatic's manager, Eric and after a number of negotiations he decided to seize the opportunity and join Fnatic.[3] On April 29th 2016, he became the first player to hit 8000 MMR on the Southeast Asia servers.[5] After finishing 3rd place in StarLadder StarSeries S2 and 4th place at The International 2016, his nine-month stint at Fnatic came to an end when he joined Team Secret on August 27th, 2016.[6]

After 3 years and 4 months of stint with Team Secret, his time with the team came to an end on December 30th, 2019. He won 3 DPC Majors - DreamLeague Season 8, The Chongqing Major and MDL Disneyland Paris Major as well as various other minors.


  • On April 29th, 2016, he became the first player to hit 8000 MMR on the Southeast Asia servers.
  • On February 10th, 2017, he became the first Malaysian/Southeast Asia player to hit 9000 MMR on the Europe servers.
  • On July 9th, 2017, MidOne became the second player to reach 10,000 MMR on the Southeast Asia servers.


Duration Team Matches Wins Losses Win % KPG DPG APG GPM XPM
2015-12-07 — 2016-08-24 Fnatic 209 143 66 68.42 7.87 4.02 10.35 553 532
2016-08-27 — 2019-11-04 Team Secret 664 451 213 67.92 8.16 3.96 10.37 547 569
2020-01-29 — 2021-03-22 OG 205 111 94 54.15 7.53 5.19 10.46 534 594
2021-04-12 — Present Team SMG 133 77 56 57.89 8.51 4.46 9.92 657 715

Stats from datdota and dotabuff as of 2022/05/26.


2020-09-062ndTier 1OMEGA League: Europe Immortal DivisionOMEGA League: Europe Immortal DivisionOMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division
0 : 3
Team SecretTeam Secret
2019-08-244thTier 1The International 2019The International 2019The International 2019
Team SecretTeam Secret
0 : 2
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
2019-05-121stTier 1MDL Disneyland® Paris MajorMDL Disneyland® Paris MajorMDL Disneyland® Paris Major
Team SecretTeam Secret
3 : 1
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
2019-01-271stTier 1The Chongqing MajorThe Chongqing MajorThe Chongqing Major
Team SecretTeam Secret
3 : 1
2018-11-182ndTier 1The Kuala Lumpur MajorThe Kuala Lumpur MajorThe Kuala Lumpur Major
Team SecretTeam Secret
2 : 3
2018-08-245th - 6thTier 1The International 2018The International 2018The International 2018
Team SecretTeam Secret
0 : 2
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
2018-03-251stTier 2DreamLeague Season 9DreamLeague Season 9DreamLeague Season 9
Team SecretTeam Secret
3 : 0
2017-12-031stTier 1DreamLeague Season 8DreamLeague Season 8DreamLeague Season 8
Team SecretTeam Secret
3 : 0
Team LiquidTeam Liquid
2017-10-292ndTier 1ESL One Hamburg 2017ESL One Hamburg 2017ESL One Hamburg 2017
Team SecretTeam Secret
0 : 2
2016-08-124thTier 1The International 2016The International 2016The International 2016
0 : 2
Digital ChaosDigital Chaos
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