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[e][h] MoFarah
Player Information
Jack Williams

Jack "MoFarah" Williams is an English language caster from the United Kingdom.


Jack Williams has been around the Dota 2 for several years, taking an active role within the local UK dota scene, such as epic.LAN and Insanity participating both as a player and caster. He also played in several seasons of jDL and won Blink League Season 5. Williams used to participate in RD2L as a player, but now occasionally casts a game.

Williams also created his own FACEIT inhouse league which was popular early 2018. Nomad and Williams also have their own podcast where they invite prominent figures for interviews.

Williams first break as a caster was when he was invited to EPICENTER XL with his casting partner, Nomad. Since then, he's casted several qualifiers for joinDOTA and Beyond the Summit.

Notable Events Casted or Hosted[edit]