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Movement Speed

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Movement Speed (sometimes shortened as movespeed or MS) is the speed at which a unit can move. The movement speed value is distance traveled per second. Movement speed can normally never be lower than 100 or greater than 550, unless affected by a special ability to surpass the 550 speed cap. Haste effects make the affected unit immune to movement slows and move at an irreducible speed. Every unit has a base movement speed, which can be altered by abilities and items. Movement speed is expressed in units per second.

Speed bonuses from items built with Boots of Speed will not stack, items made from Yasha will not stack, and multiples of the same item will not stack movement speed bonuses. Having different items such as Boots, Yasha, Drum, and Eul's will all stack.

Movement Speed Formula[edit]

Movement speed is calculated using the following formula:

(Base movement speed + Flat movement speed bonuses) × (1 + Sum of percentage movement speed bonuses) = Movement Speed

Abilities that change Base Movement Speed[edit]


Haste abilities will make the unit immune to movement slows.

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