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[e][h] Mu
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Zhang Pan
December 24, 1989 (1989-12-24) (age 31)
Signature Hero:
Dragon Knight Templar Assassin Invoker
Approx. Total Earnings:
2011 — 2012-03-??
2012-04-01 — 2014-02-19
2014-02-23 — 2016-09-14
2018-11-15 — Present

Zhang "Mu" Pan is a Chinese professional Dota 2 player. He played with Tongfu at the The International 2012 and The International 2013, securing a top eight and top four finish respectively. He joined Newbee in early 2014 and won The International 2014, while also attending The International 2015 and the The International 2016 as a member of the team. He retired on September 14th, 2016.


Mu is known for his high risk, high reward, yet calculated, playstyle in the mid lane.

Dota 2[edit]

In 2012 Mu joined TongFu as their mid player, together with Hao and SanSheng, after leaving Pandarea. After winning the 2012 Eastern Qualifiers he placed 7/8th at hist first The International 2012.

After The International in 2012 TongFu would become one of the better teams in China, most notably winning Dota 2 Super League and getting an invite for The International 2013 after LGD Gaming got disqualified for roster changes. TongFu eventually placed 4th, the highest out of all Chinese teams.

In September 2013 Mu lost 3 of his teammates in a reshuffle of the big Chinese teams. However, in February 2014, Mu would be reunited with them in Newbee, where four people of the former TongFu squad, together with Xiao8, would become the new Chinese dream team. Newbee immediately proved to be a powerhouse among the Chinese, earning first place at the MarsTv Dota League 2014.

Mu, with Newbee, went on to win The International 2014, taking down Vici Gaming 3-1 in the grand finals of the tournament. Newbee would continue to dominate the remainder of the year, getting first at WCA 2014 and IeSF. Starting at 2015, however, the team suffered a major setback at DAC 2015, hitting last place. Newbee continued to perform poorly with last place finishes at the WCA China Qualifiers and at MarsTv Dota League 2015 Spring. At the International 2015, the defending champions were kicked out at last place. The remainder of the premier tournaments for the year that Mu entered would all be last place, such as those at the Frankfurt Major and at WCA 2015.

Mu would suffer another terrible result at the Shanghai Major, with a second-to-last finish, but the team soon rebounded from their year-long string of disappointing and underwhelming results. Newbee would hit its first resurgence with a long win streak at the qualifiers of both EPICENTER and the Manila Major, taking second and third at the respective tournaments. After taking first at the Nanyang Championships, Mu was invited with the rest of Newbee to The International 2016, where the team was able to make it to the winner's bracket, but the team was immediately shot down by Evil Geniuses before being eliminated completely by Team Liquid and left with another disappointing result of second-to-last. Shortly after Hao publicly announced his retirement, Mu announced his retirement as well. He thanked his supporters throughout the years, as well as opening up that he initially considered retirement after the Manila Major, only to be dissuaded by many people, including Hao.

Shortly after retiring from competitive play, Mu proceeded to join Old Boys, hinting a possibility that he will shift to casting.


2016-08-10IC9 - 12thA0Tier 1The International 2016The International 2016Newbee1 : 2$311,557
2016-07-10AA1stA0Tier 1Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2Newbee3 : 2$100,610
2016-06-12CA3rdA0Tier 1The Manila Major 2016The Manila Major 2016Newbee1 : 2$315,000
2016-05-15BA2ndA0Tier 1EPICENTER 2016EPICENTER 2016Newbee2 : 3$100,000
2014-11-16AA1stA1Tier 2IeSF 2014 World ChampionshipInternational e-Sports FederationIeSF 2014 World ChampionshipNewbee3 : 0$25,000
2014-10-05AA1stA0Tier 1World Cyber Arena 2014World Cyber ArenaWorld Cyber Arena 2014Newbee3 : 0$325,805
2014-07-21AA1stA0Tier 1The International 2014The InternationalThe International 2014Newbee3 : 1$5,025,029
2014-05-25AA1stA0Tier 1MarsTV Dota 2 League 2014Mars Dota 2 LeagueMarsTV Dota 2 League 2014Newbee2 : 0$16,055
2013-08-10DA4thA0Tier 1The International 2013The InternationalThe International 2013TongFu1 : 2$201,207
2013-07-06AA1stA0Tier 1Dota 2 Super LeagueDota 2 Super LeagueDota 2 Super LeagueTongFu3 : 0$81,722
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