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[e][h] Nafari
Player Information
Azam Aljabar Nafari
September 18, 1993 (1993-09-18) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
Signature Hero:
Approx. Total Earnings:
2013-11-07 — 2014-05-23
2014-06-06 — 2015-06-01
2015-06-01 — 2015-10-11
2016-??-?? — 2016-08-31
2016-09-?? — 2018-05-01
2018-09-22 — 2019-04-29
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Azam "Nafari" Aljabar is a Dota 2 player.


Being one of the well-known Indonesian Dota 2 players, Nafari's performance is as good as other's. After the break up of Rex Regum; Nafari, together with his former teammate, bubu founded The Prime.

Dota 2[edit]

Nafari's first appearance in the professional Dota 2 scene started when he joined Rex Regum. Failing to qualify for TI4, the team parted ways. After not so long, together with bubu he founded The Prime, leading them to becoming one of the best SEA Dota 2 team.


2019-09-15EA5 - 6thA2Tier 3ESL Indonesia Championship Season 2ESL Indonesia Championship Season 2AntrophyAntrophyAntrophy1/3/3Grp S.$1,500
2019-03-29CA3 - 4thA2Tier 3ESL Indonesia Championship Season 1ESL Indonesia Championship Season 1The PrimeThe PrimeThe Prime0 : 2BOOM IDBOOM ID$4,250
2019-01-27BA2ndA2Tier 3Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 Indonesia QualifierAsia Pacific Predator League 2019 Indonesia QualifierThe PrimeThe PrimeThe Prime0 : 2BOOM IDBOOM ID$1,061
2018-04-22EA5 - 6thA2Tier 3Indonesia Games Championship 2018Indonesia Games Championship 2018The PrimeThe Prime NNDThe Prime NND0 : 1BOOM IDBOOM ID$363
2017-10-26BA2ndA2Tier 3ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #11ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #11The PrimeThe Prime NNDThe Prime NND2 : 3New BeginningNew Beginning$500
2017-09-24CA3rdA2Tier 3Indonesia Pride Gaming LeagueIndonesia Pride Gaming LeagueThe PrimeThe Prime NNDThe Prime NND0 : 2BOOM IDBOOM ID$2,300
2017-09-19DA4thA2Tier 3Indonesia Pride Gaming League Round RobinIndonesia Pride Gaming League Round RobinThe PrimeThe Prime NNDThe Prime NND3/2/2Grp S.$1,263
2015-08-30AA1stA2Tier 3South East Asia Dota 2 ChampionshipSouth East Asia Dota 2 ChampionshipRex RegumRex Regum QEONRex Regum QEON3 : 2Who2BetWho2Bet$5,000
2015-03-04BA2ndA2Tier 3The Prime MajorThe Prime MajorThe PrimeThe PrimeThe Prime1 : 2Signature.TrustSignature.Trust$500
2014-03-29BA2ndA2Tier 3Asian Cyber Games Invitational: Best of the BestAsian Cyber GamesAsian Cyber Games Invitational: Best of the BestRex RegumRex Regum QEONRex Regum QEON1 : 2Scythe GamingScythe Gaming$1,000
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