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[e][h] Niqua
Player Information
Niclas Westergård
Signature Hero:
Clockwerk Phoenix Spirit Breaker
Approx. Total Earnings:
2011-12-11 — 2012-01-13
2012-01-13 — 2012-03-18
2012-03-18 — 2012-12-05
2012-12-05 — 2013-02-01
2015-01-26 — 2015-04-28
2015-05-16 — 2015-05-17
2015-05-20 — 2015-06-??
2015-09-02 — 2015-10-11
2015-10-14 — 2016-01-02
2016-01-25 — 2016-01-??
2016-09-17 — 2016-11-16
2016-02-14 — 2017-??-??
2017-08-29 — 2017-10-16

Niclas "Niqua" Westergård is a Fenno-Swedish Dota 2 player from Finland who last played for No Rats.


Niqua played DotA Allstars for the Swedish clan youBoat that switched to Dota 2 after its release in 2011. Niqua was later picked up by Loda, in December 2012, when he made his entrance into the Dota 2 scene with eXperience Gaming. He was later replaced by another youBoat member Pinoy in early 2012, and briefly went back to youBoat. In March 2012 he joined Keita Gaming as they picked up the roster of youBoat, but after some mixed results, the team was dropped by their sponsor in the summer of 2012, and Niqua went to to play with team Turtle Masters together with Blitz, smulgullig, EGM and hailo-.

After team Turtle Masters disbanded in February of 2013 after the departure of EGM to team No Tidehunter, Niqua went inactive. He briefly joined the League of Legends squad of Team Property as a support player for the DreamHack Winter 2013 tournament, but in January 2014 Team Property dropped their LoL team and Niqua went inactive once again.

In January 2015 Niqua returned to Dota 2, reuniting with Loda and Akke from his time in team xP together with Pajkatt and former Turtle Masters teammate EGM, taking up the offlane position of team Alliance, the former TI3 champions struggling to fill the positions left by the departure of AdmiralBulldog and s4.


2017-10-04AA1stA2MinorProDotA Cup Europe #22ProDotA Cup Europe #22SFTe-sports3 : 1$1,500
2017-08-27AA1stA2MinorProDotA Cup Europe #21ProDotA Cup Europe #21SFTe-sports3 : 0$1,500
2017-03-05BA2ndA2MinorProDotA Cup Europe #15ProDotA Cup Europe #15No Logic Gaming0 : 3$1,000
2015-12-06BA2ndA0PremierGame Show Global eSports Cup Season 1Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 14 Clover & Lepricon1 : 3$65,000
2015-11-28CA3rdA1MajorDreamLeague Season 4DreamLeague Season 44 Clover & Lepricon1 : 3$20,000
2015-09-01AA1stA2MinorHitbox EU Championship #3Hitbox EU Championship #3MYinsanity3 : 0$1,750
2015-06-02AA1stA1MajorWorld Cyber Arena 2015 - American Pro QualifiersWorld Cyber Arena 2015 - American Pro QualifiersChampions of Summer's Rift3 : 1$50,000
2015-04-25EA5 - 6thA0PremierStarLadder StarSeries Season 12StarLadderStarLadder StarSeries Season 12Alliance0 : 2$6,000
2015-01-25BA2ndA2MinorjoinDOTA Masters XVjoinDOTA Masters XVAlliance0 : 3$5,000
2012-04-21AA1stA2MinorStarLadder ProSeries Season 1StarLadder ProSeries Season 1YouBoat2 : 0$700
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