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Player Information
Michał Jankowski
September 28, 2000 (age 22)
Years Active (Player):
2015 - Present
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
DEBIL, Hubert, Karolina2012, Jankos, Hiro
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Terrorblade Arc Warden Morphling
2014-??-?? — 2015-03-20
2015-03-20 — 2017-04-01ALTERNATE aTTaX
2017-04-01 — 2017-05-02Let's Do It
2017-05-02 — 2017-08-20Team Singularity
2017-08-20 — 2017-09-15Let's Do It
2017-09-15 — 2018-06-29Team Kinguin
2018-06-29 — 2018-09-11Let's Do It
2018-09-11 — 2022-12-01Team Secret
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Michał "Nisha" Jankowski (born September 28, 2000) is a Polish Dota 2 player who last played for Team Secret.



Stats from datdota as of 26-Sep-2021.


2022-10-302ndA0Tier 1The International 2022The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2022Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret0 : 3Tundra EsportsTundra Esports$2,461,033
2022-07-243rd - 4thA0Tier 1Riyadh Masters 2022Riyadh Masters 2022Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret1 : 2Team SpiritTeam Spirit$425,000
2021-10-173rdA0Tier 1The International 2021The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2021Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret1 : 2Team SpiritTeam Spirit$3,601,600
2020-09-061stA0Tier 1OMEGA League: Europe Immortal DivisionOMEGA LeagueOMEGA LeagueOMEGA League: Europe Immortal DivisionTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret3 : 0OGOG$200,000
2020-01-261stA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 13DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 13Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret3 : 2Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses$300,000
2019-08-244thA0Tier 1The International 2019The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2019Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret0 : 2Team LiquidTeam Liquid$2,059,804
2019-05-121stA0Tier 1MDL Disneyland® Paris MajorMars Dota 2 LeagueMars Dota 2 LeagueMDL Disneyland® Paris MajorTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret3 : 1Team LiquidTeam Liquid$350,000
2019-01-271stA0Tier 1The Chongqing MajorChongqing MajorChongqing MajorThe Chongqing MajorTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret3 :$350,000
2018-11-182ndA0Tier 1The Kuala Lumpur MajorKuala Lumpur MajorKuala Lumpur MajorThe Kuala Lumpur MajorTeam SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret2 :$170,000
2018-10-281stA1Tier 2ESL One Hamburg 2018ESL OneESL OneESL One Hamburg 2018Team SecretTeam SecretTeam Secret3 : 2Vici GamingVici Gaming$125,000
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