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Player Information
Niklas Koskinen
July 2, 1992 (age 29)
Years Active (Player):
2014 - 2021
Current Role:
Approx. Total Winnings:
2015-09-03 — 2015-09-28
2015-09-28 — 2016-02-07
2017-12-07 — 2018-03-23
2018-10-28 — 2019-01-01
Vega Squadron (Coach)
2019-01-01 — 2019-09-06
2019-09-06 — 2019-12-01
2019-12-01 — 2020-??-??
2020-07-07 — 2020-11-30
2021-01-03 — 2021-01-20
2021-01-20 — 2021-04-15
2021-04-15 — 2021-11-15
2021-11-18 — 2022-01-21
Alliance (Coach)
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches

Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Niklas "okcya" Koskinen is a Finnish professional Dota 2 player who last coached Alliance.


2021-04-24BA2ndA2Tier 3Positive Fire GamesPositive Fire GamesChicken FightersChicken FightersChicken Fighters2 :$2,500
2019-12-13CA3rdA2Tier 3IeSF World Championship 2019International e-Sports FederationIeSF World Championship 2019FinlandFinlandFinland2 : 0PhilippinesPhilippines$2,138
2019-06-08AA1stA2Tier 3eSM 2019eSM 2019Pelaajat.comPelaajat.comPelaajat.com3 : 1WomberersWomberers$2,783
2018-04-06CA3rdA2Tier 3joinDOTA League Season 12 EuropejoinDOTA LeaguejoinDOTA LeaguejoinDOTA League Season 12 Europe5 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain0 : 2The Final TribeThe Final Tribe$750
2018-03-16IG9 - 16thA0Tier 1World Electronic Sports Games 2017World Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports Games 2017FinlandFinlandFinland1/-/2Grp S.$10,000
2018-02-18CA3rdA2Tier 3StarLadder ProSeries Season 22StarLadder ProSeriesStarLadder ProSeriesStarLadder ProSeries Season 225 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain2 : 1Hala AresHala Ares$300
2018-02-05AA1stA2Tier 3OverPower Cup Europe #3OverPower CupOverPower CupOverPower Cup Europe #35 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain3 : 1Gambit EsportsGambit Esports$1,500
2018-01-31AA1 - 2ndA6QualifierDota 2 Asia Championships 2018 - Europe Open QualifierDota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Asia Championships 2018 - Europe Open Qualifier5 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain5 Anchors No Captain2 : 1Double DimensionDouble Dimension 
2015-12-22BA2ndA2Tier 3ProDotA Cup Europe #1ProDotA CupProDotA CupProDotA Cup Europe #1STARKSTARKSTARK0 : 3Team SpiritTeam Spirit$1,000
2015-11-01CA3rdA2Tier 3World Cyber Arena 2015 - Europe Open QualifiersWorld Cyber Arena 2015 - Europe Open QualifiersSTARKSTARKSTARK2 : 0CIS RejectsCIS Rejects$1,500
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2018-11-02EA5 - 6thA1Tier 2DreamLeague Season 10DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 10Vega SquadronVega SquadronVega Squadron0 : 2Natus VincereNatus Vincere$15,000
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