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I carry a charge.

A passive ability is any spell which grants an effect that is always on and automatically works without needing to be cast. Most passive abilities have no cost required, and some passives may include an additional active component.

Passive Abilities[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Abaddon Curse of Avernus
Borrowed Time
Alchemist Greevil's Greed
Anti-Mage Mana Break
Spell Shield
Axe Counter Helix
Beastmaster Inner Beast
Bloodseeker Thirst
Bounty Hunter Jinada
Brewmaster Drunken Brawler
Bristleback Bristleback
Broodmother Incapacitating Bite
Centaur Warrunner Return
Chaos Knight Chaos Strike
Crystal Maiden Arcane Aura
Dragon Knight Dragon Blood
Drow Ranger Precision Aura
Earthshaker Aftershock
Elder Titan Natural Order
Enchantress Untouchable
Faceless Void Time Lock
Huskar Berserker's Blood
Juggernaut Blade Dance
Keeper of the Light Spirit Form (Aghanim's Upgrade)
Legion Commander Moment of Courage
Lifestealer Feast
Lina Fiery Soul
Luna Moon Glaive
Lunar Blessing
Lycan Feral Impulse
Meepo Geostrike
Divided We Stand
Monkey King Jingu Mastery
Necrophos Sadist
Heartstopper Aura
Night Stalker Hunter in the Night
Ogre Magi Multicast
Omniknight Degen Aura
Outworld Devourer Essence Aura
Phantom Assassin Blur
Coup de Grace
Phantom Lancer Phantom Rush
Pudge Flesh Heap
Razor Unstable Current
Riki Cloak and Dagger
Rubick Null Field
Sand King Caustic Finale
Shadow Fiend Necromastery
Presence of the Dark Lord
Slardar Bash of the Deep
Slark Essence Shift
Shadow Dance
Sniper Headshot
Take Aim
Spectre Desolate
Spirit Breaker Empowering Haste
Greater Bash
Storm Spirit Overload
Sven Great Cleave
Templar Assassin Psi Blades
Tidehunter Kraken Shell
Timbersaw Reactive Armor
Tiny Craggy Exterior
Troll Warlord Fervor
Ursa Fury Swipes
Vengeful Spirit Vengeance Aura
Venomancer Poison Sting
Viper Nethertoxin
Corrosive Skin
Visage Gravekeeper's Cloak
Weaver Geminate Attack
Wraith King Vampiric Aura
Mortal Strike
Zeus Static Field
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Hawk Invisibility
Boar Poison
Earth Spell Immunity
Fire Permanent Immolation
Spiderling Poison Sting
Spawn Spiderite
Astral Spirit Natural Order
Forged Spirit Melting Strike
Spirit Bear Entangling Claws
Lycan Wolf Cripple
Warlock Golem Flaming Fists
Permanent Immolation
Zombie Deathlust
Spell Immunity
Necronomicon Warrior Mana Break
Last Will
True Sight
Necronomicon Archer Archer Aura
Giant Wolf Critical Strike
Alpha Wolf Critical Strike
Packleader's Aura
Ghost Frost Attack
Hellbear Smasher Swiftness Aura
Hill Troll Priest Mana Aura
Kobold Foreman Speed Aura
Mud Golem Shard Split
Satyr Tormenter Unholy Aura
Vhoul Assassin Envenomed Weapon
Wildwing Ripper Toughness Aura
Tornado Tempest
Ancient Black Dragon Dragonhide Aura
Splash Attack
Spell Immunity
Ancient Granite Golem Granite Aura
Spell Immunity
Ancient Rock Golem Spell Immunity
Ancient Thunderhide War Drums Aura
Spell Immunity
Ancient Rumblehide Spell Immunity
Roshan Spell Block
Strength of the Immortal
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Drum of Endurance Swiftness Aura
Gem of True Sight True Sight
Headdress Regeneration Aura
Mekansm Mekansm Aura
Guardian Greaves Guardian Aura
Moon Shard Shade Sight
Javelin Pierce
Morbid Mask Lifesteal
Helm of the Dominator Lifesteal
Mask of Madness Lifesteal
Satanic Lifesteal
Vladmir's Offering Vladmir's Aura
Octarine Core Cooldown Reduction
Spell Lifesteal
Orb of Venom Poison Attack
Pipe of Insight Insight Aura
Quelling Blade Quell
Battle Fury Quell
Stout Shield Damage Block
Poor Man's Shield Damage Block
Vanguard Damage Block
Crimson Guard Damage Block
Tranquil Boots Break
Aghanim's Scepter Ultimate Upgrade
Crystalys Critical Strike
Daedalus Critical Strike
Skull Basher Bash
Abyssal Blade Bash
Monkey King Bar Mini-Bash
True Strike
Sange Lesser Maim
Heaven's Halberd Lesser Maim
Silver Edge Lesser Maim
Sange and Yasha Greater Maim
Divine Rapier Divine Right
Shiva's Guard Freezing Aura
Bloodstone Bloodpact
Linken's Sphere Spellblock
Assault Cuirass Assault Aura
Heart of Tarrasque Health Regeneration
Desolator Corruption
Diffusal Blade Manabreak
Maelstrom Chain Lightning
Mjollnir Chain Lightning
Eye of Skadi Cold Attack

Passives given after Transformation[edit]

These passives are only granted after transforming, and cannot be used when turned back to normal.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Passives
Dragon Knight Elder Dragon Form Corrosive Breath
Splash Attack
Frost Breath
Lycan Shapeshift Critical Strike
Undying Flesh Golem Plague Aura

Passives with an active component[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Active
Abaddon Borrowed Time Can be manually activated
Drow Ranger Precision Aura Can be cast to add the bonus to ranged creeps
Slark Shadow Dance Can be cast to gain invisibility for a short time
Spirit Breaker Empowering Haste Can be cast to increase the bonus for a short time

Passive Innate Abilities[edit]

These passives are always available even without any skill points.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Silencer Intelligence Steal

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