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The Dota 2 Store is a micropayment service introduced in the May 31, 2012 Patch. The store allows players to purchase in-game items such as cosmetic equipment for heroes, treasures with equipment sets inside, and tickets to view tournaments using DotaTV. Creators of community-contributed items receive a percentage of sales for anything they've created that's been added into the game. Most items can also be traded on Steam's Community Marketplace.

Item Rarity[edit]

All items have a rarity which indicates the chance of them being dropped. In order of increasing rarity:


, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical, and Legendary. There are also special rarities Ancient and


used for limited distribution items linked to special events.


is the final rarity which is reserved for special items that change many visual aspects of a hero, often to make their appearance match more closely to their WC3 DotA model.

Item Quality[edit]

Items can also have a quality which gives the item name a prefix and color. Possible qualities include:

Inscribed for items socketed with a stat tracking Inscribed Gem.
Elder for certain items owned by players before a specific date.
Genuine for promotional items obtained by purchasing certain merchandise.
Unusual for couriers that have a special particle effect.
Self-Made for items given to the creators of that item which was submitted to the Steam Workshop and accepted to be added to the game. Self-Made items cannot be chiseled, socketed, or hammered.
for items socketed with an Autograph Rune, bearing the digital signature of a notable member of the Dota 2 community.
for Arcana items purchased before a certain date.
Ascendant for items socketed with an Ascendant Gem. Ascendant Gems track the number of Dota 2 Beta invites sent, and victories.
Heroic for items dropped to spectators during a live tournament game.
for items awarded to professional players that won the Compendium team player vote.
Cursed for items obtained from Cursed Recipe: Materialize Item. Cursed items can be used in Recipe: Hollow Jack.
Frozen for items unlocked through the Wraith-Night event.
Corrupted for items socketed with a Foulfell Shard. Items with the gem are obtained from crafting the Recipe: Wraith King's Relic.
Auspicious for items unlocked through the New Bloom Festival 2014 event.
for Unusual Couriers with a random unique color received before the change which removed the random color possibility.
Infused for items with the infused style unlocked.

Hero Equipment[edit]