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Just curious, right now in our tournament sections, it's been... rather sparse. I know a lot of other leagues cover the material which makes it less incentive for us to do a good job but one thing I loved about the scbw and sc2 liquipedia was how it was basically THE BEST resource to go to, and I'd like dota2 liquipedia to do the same.

Is there any effort right now to add code or the ability to list the specific heroes that were drafted/banned per game in the tournament pages in a way that is easy to use? I'm a programmer and can try to do it myself but I'm unfamiliar with the wiki api and what would be needed to go forward. I'm imagining something like the way right now you can click 'show' to display the outcomes, you'd have a separate 'picks' button that will display the bans/picks similar to: http://d2l.evilgeniuses.net/Results_and_Vods/ (although without the added graphics just for speed/simplicity).

What's everyone's opinion on this?