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Pudge Pudge, the Butcher[edit]

Recommended Roles
Disabler Initiator Durable Nuker

In the Fields of Endless Carnage, far to the south of Quoidge, a corpulent figure works tirelessly through the night—dismembering, disembowelling, piling up the limbs and viscera of the fallen that the battlefield might be clear by dawn. In this cursed realm, nothing can decay or decompose; no corpse may ever return to the earth from which it sprang, no matter how deep you dig the grave. Flocked by carrion birds who need him to cut their meals into beak-sized chunks, Pudge the Butcher hones his skills with blades that grow sharper the longer he uses them. Swish, swish, thunk. Flesh falls from the bone; tendons and ligaments part like wet paper. And while he always had a taste for the butchery, over the ages, Pudge has developed a taste for its byproduct as well. Starting with a gobbet of muscle here, a sip of blood there... before long he was thrusting his jaws deep into the toughest of torsos, like a dog gnawing at rags. Even those who are beyond fearing the Reaper, fear the Butcher.

Each carefully aimed throw of Pudge's signature hook strikes fear into his foes. Pulling his enemies near to carve them with his cleavers, he gains additional health and damage with every kill, and soon becomes an unstoppable killer.


Meat Hook
Point Target
Damage Type
Launches a bloody hook at the target location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Pudge. Deals damage and interrupts channeling if it is an enemy. Instantly kills any non-ancient creep it hits.
Collision Radius100
Hook Speed1450
Cast Point0.3
Cast Backswing0.59
Disable blocked by Spell Immunity, the damage and pull are not.
The Butcher's hook is a symbolic nightmare, its curved blade a frightening reminder of his slaughterous intent.
  • Meat Hook only grabs units while it is extending. If the hook touches a unit while retracting, it has no effect.
  • Meat Hook can pull Runes back to Pudge. The mana cost is refunded if successful.
  • Provides 500 flying vision on hit, lasting at the hit location for 4 seconds.
Enemy Units
Damage Type
A toxic cloud that deals intense damage and slows movement. It harms enemy units and Pudge himself.
Damage Per Second30/60/90/120
Movement Speed Slow14%/20%/26%/32%
Cast Point0
Reduce Health Regen
Increases Rot radius, damage, reduces health regen on affected enemies.
Does not pierce Spell Immunity.
A foul odor precedes a toxic, choking gas, emanating from the Butcher's putrid, ever-swelling mass.
  • Damage is dealt every 0.2 seconds in smaller instances of:
    • 6/12/18/24
    • 13/19/25/31
Flesh Heap
Gives Pudge bonus HP regen. Grants bonus strength that increases each time an enemy hero dies near Pudge. Flesh Heap is retroactive and will gain charges before it is skilled. The charges become active once the ability has been skilled.
Magic Resistance12/14/16/18%
Strength Bonus Per Kill1/2/2.5/3
Stack Gain Radius450
1600 if Pudge gets the kill
Illusions gain this ability.
The Butcher gives new meaning to the words ‘meat shield.’
Ultimate Ability
Enemy Units
Damage Type
Pudge chows down on an enemy unit, disabling it and dealing damage over time. Pudge heals himself as the damage is dealt, while pulling the target closer to himself.
Damage Per Second60/90/120
Bonus Strength DPS30%/60%/90%
Hero Duration3
Creep Duration6
Cast Range160
Cast Point0.3
Allied Heroes
Max Heal Per Second
Cast Range for Allies
Reduces the cooldown and allows you to target an ally, instantly swallowing and healing them for a percentage of their max health per second.
Blocked by Linken's Sphere and echoed by Lotus Orb.
Dispellable with strong dispels.
‘When I'm through with these vermin, they'll be fit for a pie!’
  • Total damage:
    • 180/270/360 + 90%/180%/270% of Pudge's strength
    • 480 + 360% of Pudge's strength
    • 720 + 540% of Pudge's strength
    • 960 + 720% of Pudge's strength +
  • Heals Pudge for the full amount regardless of actual damage dealt.
  • Pulls the target closer to Pudge at 75 speed until the target is within 125 range of Pudge.
  • Dismember can be heard globally, alerting all players.
  • The ally can exit whenever they want by issuing a command.
Sub Ability
No Target
Ejects the swallowed allied hero inside of you.
Cast Point0
Allies emerge forever changed.

Talent Tree[edit]

Talent Tree
+1.5 Flesh Heap Flesh Heap Stack Strength 25 1.8XDismember Dismember Damage/Heal
-4s Meat Hook Meat Hook Cooldown 20 +0.8 Dismember Dismember Duration
+16% Rot Rot Slow 15 10% Spell Lifesteal
+30 Rot Rot Damage 10 +4 Armor

General Strategy[edit]


Pudge is an excellent ganker and disabler.

In a standard Pudge game, a first point in Rot is usually taken to bolster your last hitting capability. Meat Hook is then maxed, with Rot treated secondary.

Flesh Heap is maxed after Hook & Rot, since your goal is to increase your ganking capability and damage so this skill is put on hold. If you're struggling and need some defense, 1 point instead of level 3 or 4 Rot will give you the benefit of all the Strength you have accrued through kills/assists.

Early Game

Position yourself as best as possible for successful hooks. While Pudge's hook is going to require a fair bit of skill to get right, the first step in improving your hook is to minimize the angle between their possible paths and your hook. This will make it much easier to land a successful hook on an opponent. But that's not all there is to hooks. When possible, do your absolute best to pull them over into a position where they cannot run away easily, such as awkward terrain. As an example in the mid-lane, pulling an enemy across the river to your side will let you get a good amount of damage in before they can flee, eating through their regeneration and bottle charges.

An important detail to successful hooks is vision. By nighttime majority of heroes sight range is reduced to 800 on average with some exceptions (Enchantress, Night Stalker, and Bounty Hunter). This means you should always be concealed from vision or attempting to be when you gank (daytime or nighttime). Hook level 4 extends to 1300, you have a 500 range jump on majority of heroes in the dark. This is a hallmark between an average Pudge, and an exceptional one. On that note - Smoke of Deceit is your best friend. You can slip past the normal Rune Ward locations to easily rotate ganks on bottom and top lanes, or even feign ganking, and then taking out the middle hero.

The movement speed debuff only applies to enemy targets. You should in particular toggle this before you've hooked an enemy onto a place where they cannot flee quickly, to land a few more strikes and perhaps even a final hook. If you're facing certain death, you can also use this in combination with juking, such that you might deny yourself and leave them nothing from the kill.

As an interesting side effect, remember that Rot deals magic damage, while Flesh Heap increases your resistance to it. This means you take a lot less damage from it as the game goes on and you gain stacks of Flesh Heap. You should also not be taking damage from Rot while under magic immunity! While under magic-immunity effects, always have Rot on.

Mid Game

A few things need to be covered on the use of this ability. Firstly, when engaging an enemy, always use Rot before this. There is a short delay after starting Dismember where you cannot activate Rot, which means you have a delay in dealing additional damage. To maximize the damage you deal, you must use Rot before. Do not worry if they try to run a little, as Rot will slow them enough to catch up, and as long as your Dismember lands on them they're within range of Rot, too. The usual Hook, Rot, Dismember combo is extremely effective.

In team fights, Dismember gets trickier. A rough priority list of who you should target would be roughly this:

  • If several opponents can easily disable your ultimate immediately, don't use it. You're almost certainly better off straight up attacking and using your hook.
  • When there is a hero with a reliable stun they should be eliminated from the enemy team. Even if you don't kill them, disabling them means they can't help their allies either. Chaos Knight, Sven and such heroes are good examples.
  • If you are safe from being disabled (ie a Black King Bar activated) and you're facing a powerful carry, disabling said carry is critical. Examples include Anti-Mage (especially as he can eat your mana), Faceless Void, Phantom Assassin, etc.

As a final note, you should almost always have a Black King Bar before you get a Scepter, if you're aiming for it. In team fights the ability will very easily be interrupted by a number of heroes. Black King Bar makes you invulnerable to this problem, and has the additional benefit of making you immune to your own Rot damage.

Late Game

Pudge has two major concerns: Mana and mobility. You need to be able to cast your abilities, and another big bonus is keeping your opponent within range of your Rot as much as possible. (Though Rot's slow is going to help with this a lot.) Try to always at minimum have enough mana to stay in the fight, and the movement speed to maximize the Rot exposure.

Beyond these two, he is a hero with a very good strength gain. Not so much from levels and items, but from Flesh Heap granting a fairly hefty bonus. For this reason, the attraction of stacking strength to increase your damage and survivability is going to go down the more ganks, kills and assists you've netted. Because of the same ability as before magic resistance is also not very attractive. With more sources of magic resistance, each source's gains are strongly reduced. For this reason, a Pipe of Insight is going to be far more powerful, as it gives a flat magic damage resistance, not another % multiplier.

In other words:

  • Don't stack additional % magic resistance past Flesh Heap, as more sources of % magic resistance lowers the gain from each.
  • Only stack health if you're low on it; a fair Pudge game will not have this issue as Flesh Heap stacks up.
  • Work on mana and mobility before damage to maximize damage from Hook, Dismember and Rot. You will gain damage from Flesh Heap's strength bonus.

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Rescale Meat Hook mana cost rescaled from 125/130/135/140 to 135
  • Rework Meat Hook now instantly kills any non-ancient creep it hits
  • Nerf Dismember Shard cast range on allies reduced from 400 to 300
  • Buff Base armor increased by 1
  • Buff Attack range increased from 150 to 175
  • Nerf Meat Hook cooldown reduced from 21/18/15/12 to 18/16/14/12
  • Buff Dismember shard cast range on allies increased from 160 to 400
  • Buff Rot scepter radius increased from 450 to 475
  • Buff Rot scepter damage increased from +80 to +100
  • Buff Dismember shard cooldown reduction from -7 to -10
  • Rework Dismember Shard now reduces cooldown by 7 always, instead of by half when used on allies
  • Buff Base damage increased by 2
  • Buff Base armor increased by 1
  • Nerf Agility gain reduced from 1.5 to 1.4
  • Nerf Strength gain reduced from 3.2 to 3.0
  • Buff Flesh Heap magic resistance increased from 8/10/12/14% to 12/14/16/18%
  • Rework Level 10 Talent changed from +30 Rot Damage to -14% Rot Slow
  • Rework Level 15 Talent changed from -16% Rot Slow to +120 Meat Hook Damage
  • Rework Scepter Rework
    • Increases Rot radius by 200, damage by 80.
    • Reduces health regen on affected enemies by 25%
  • Buff Added Aghanim's Shard
    • Upgrades Dismember
      • Allows targeting an ally with Dismember to swallow them and heal them for 6% max health per second.
      • Has half cooldown when used on allies.
  • Buff Base health regen increased from 1 to 2
  • Nerf Strength gain reduced from 4 to 3.2
  • Buff Meat Hook cooldown reduced from 27/22/17/12 to 21/18/15/12
  • Buff Rot slow increased from 11/18/24/32% to 14/20/26/32%
  • Buff Flesh Heap Strength gain increased from 1/1.5/2/2.5 to 1.5/2/2.5/3
  • Buff Level 10 Talent increased from +28 Rot Damage to +30
  • Nerf All talents are now about 20% weaker
  • Buff Base health regen increased from 0 to 1
  • Rework Flesh Heap now provides 8/10/12/14% Magic Resistance instead of health regen
  • Rework Dismember tick rate changed from every 1 to every 0.5 seconds (same total damage)
  • Rework Level 20 Talent changed from +180 Gold/Min to +1s Dismember Duration
  • Rework XP Talent is now replaced with +5 Armor
  • Nerf Flesh Heap health regen reduced from 6/9/12/15 to 4/7/10/13
  • Nerf Rot self damage is no longer lethal
  • Buff Dismember now deals damage through Spell Immunity
  • Rework Reworked Scepter:
    • Reduces Dismember cooldown to 11
    • Allows you to target an ally with Dismember
    • Instantly swallows them in your belly and heals them for 4% of their max health per second
    • The ally can exit whenever they want by issuing a command
  • Rework Level 20 Talent changed from +15% Cooldown Reduction to -5s Meat Hook Cooldown
  • Rework Level 25 Talent changed from +3s Dismember Duration to Dismember Double Damage/Heal
  • Buff Meat Hook mana cost reduced from 140 to 125/130/135/140
  • Buff Flesh Heap health regen increased from 5/8/11/14 to 6/9/12/15
  • Buff Level 15 Talent increased from +16% Rot Slow to +20%
  • Buff Base Intelligence increased by 2
  • Buff Level 15 Talent increased from +12% Rot Slow to +16%
  • Buff Flesh Heap regeneration increased from 3/6/9/12 to 5/8/11/14
  • Buff Base damage increased by 6
  • Nerf Flesh Heap no longer gives Magic Resistance
  • Buff Flesh Heap now grants 3/6/9/12 HP regen
  • Buff Dismember strength based damage increased from 30/45/60% to 30/60/90%
  • Nerf Meat Hook cooldown increased from 17/15/13/11 to 27/22/17/12
  • Buff Meat Hook cast range increased from 1000/1100/1200/1300 to 1300
  • Buff Flesh Heap magic resistance increased from 6/8/10/12% to 8/10/12/14%
  • Rework Level 10 Talent changed from +5 Armor to +30% XP
  • Rework Level 15 Talent changed from +75 Damage to +12% Rot Slow
  • Nerf Meat Hook cooldown increased from 14/13/12/11 to 17/15/13/11
  • Buff Meat Hook damage increased from 90/180/270/360 to 150/220/290/360
  • Buff Base damage increased from 27-33 to 34-40
  • Nerf Rot slow reduced from 17/22/27/32% to 11/18/25/32%
  • Nerf Base movement speed reduced from 280 to 275
  • Nerf Base armor reduced from -1 to -2
  • Nerf Rot slow reduced from 20/24/28/32% to 17/22/27/32%
  • Nerf Rot slow rescaled from 30% to 20/24/28/32%
  • Nerf Meat Hook mana cost increased from 110/120/130/140 to 140
  • Buff Meat Hook can pull Runes back to you
    • Mana cost is refunded if successful
  • Buff Dismember now pulls the target closer to Pudge
  • Rework Reworked Talent Tree
  • Rework Replaced Respawn Talent: +1s Dismember Duration (Level 20)
  • Nerf Meat Hook speed reduced from 1600 to 1450
  • Nerf Meat Hook no longer pulls invulnerable heroes
  • Nerf Movement Speed reduced from 285 to 280
  • Bug Fix Fixed Meat Hook sometimes landing the target behind your hero
    • (Requiring you to sometimes turn to dismember)
  • Buff Level 20 Talent from -35s Respawn Time to -40s
  • New Added Talent Tree
  • Buff Dismember strength based damage increased from 30/40/50% to 30/45/60%
  • Buff Rot slow increased from 27% to 30%
  • Buff Dismember cooldown reduced from 30 to 30/25/20
  • Rescale Meat Hook Scepter damage rescaled from 175/275/375/475 to 180/270/360/450
  • Rework Reworked Scepter on Pudge
    • Reduces Meat Hook cooldown to 4 seconds and increases damage from 360 to 475
    • No longer grants previous Scepter bonuses
  • Rework Dismember damage from 75/125/175 to 60/90/120 +30/40/50% of strength
  • Buff Dismember now heals you for the damage it does
  • Buff Rot damage rescaled from 35/60/85/110 to 30/60/90/120
  • Buff Rot move slow increased from 20/22/24/26% to 27%
  • Buff Rot move slow from 20% to 20/22/24/26%
  • Buff Meat Hook range increased from 700/900/1100/1300 to 1000/1100/1200/1300
  • Buff Turn Rate improved from 0.5 to 0.7
  • Buff Can now use Blink Dagger
  • Nerf If you hook a unit onto an unpathable ledge, the unit gains free pathing for 5 seconds
  • Nerf Flesh Heap magic resistance reduced from 4/8/12/16% to 6/8/10/12%
  • Buff Dismember Scepter strength multiplier increased from 0.75 to 1
  • Buff Flesh Heap strength bonus increased from 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 to 1/1.5/2/2.5
  • Buff Rot damage increased from 25/50/75/100 to 35/60/85/110
  • Buff Flesh Heap is now retroactive
  • Nerf Reduced Flesh Heap AoE from 525 to 450
  • Buff Meat Hook damage type changed from physical to pure
  • Nerf Meat Hook damage adjusted from 100/200/300/400 to 90/180/270/360
  • Buff Flesh Heap death AoE increased from 400 to 525
  • Buff Meat Hook scaling rebalanced
    • Cast range from 400/600/800/1000 to 550/700/850/1000
    • Cooldown from 14 to 14/13/12/11
    • Mana cost from 140 to 110/120/130/140
  • Rework Flesh Heap reworked:
    • No longer gains strength from creeps
    • Instead he gains strength for any nearby dying enemy hero (400 AoE)
      • (Same values as before, 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8)
    • You still get the bonus if the unit dies outside of the AoE if you are the killer
  • Buff Added Aghanim's Scepter to Pudge
    • Deals damage based on his strength, and heals Pudge for the same amount
    • Damage from 75/125/175 per second to 75/125/175 + 0.75 × Strength per second
  • Buff Flesh Heap bonus strength gain per hero kill improved from 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2 to 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8
  • Buff Flesh Heap now works with denies
  • Bug Fix Meat Hook now properly interrupts channeling
  • Buff Base armor increased from -1 to 0
  • Bug Fix Fixed Meat Hook bug that caused it to become erratic at long range
    • Meat Hook should fire perfectly strait with no arcing now
  • Buff Meat Hook cast point reduced from 0.5 to 0.4
  • Nerf Meat Hook can no longer hook invisible wards, mines, or hidden units
    • (If he has detection, he can hit them again)
  • Buff Rot now slows enemy movement speed by 20%
  • Buff Flesh Heap now gives 0.5/1/1.5/2 str per hero killed
    • Still gives 0.03/0.06/0.09/0.12 str per non-hero
  • Bug Fix Fixed Flesh Heap so it no longer gives invulnerability to piercing attacks
  • Neutral Ported

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