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[e][h] Ramz
Player Information
Ramzi Bayhaki
March 5, 1997 (1997-03-05) (age 24)
Alternate IDs:
ramz?, Gracia
Signature Hero:
Invoker Shadow Fiend Queen of Pain
Approx. Total Earnings:
2015-01-?? — 2017-01-31
2017-01-31 — 2017-08-31
2017-09-27 — 2018-12-21
2018-12-21 — 2019-01-07
PG.Barracx (Inactive)
2019-01-07 — 2019-??-??
2019-11-10 — 2020-02-03
2021-06-18 — 2021-11-17
2021-11-17 — 2021-11-23
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Ramzi "Ramz" Bayhaki is an Indonesian professional Dota 2 player who last played for Omega Esports.


A rising star at the young age of 20, he played for Kanaya Gaming previously since early 2015, but left the team at early 2017 to join EVOS Esports.[1][2] After playing in EVOS for 7 months, he left the team to join PG.Barracx,[3] a newly formed Indonesian team who was able to qualify for Galaxy Battles II on early 2018, via Wild Card.


2021-06-06BA2ndA2Tier 3BTS Pro Series Season 6: Southeast AsiaBTS Pro Series Season 6: Southeast AsiaBOOM EsportsBOOM EsportsBOOM Esports0 : 3Motivate.Trust GamingMotivate.Trust Gaming$12,500
2020-07-19GA7 - 8thA1Tier 2ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA LeagueONE Esports Dota 2 SEA LeagueBOOM EsportsBOOM EsportsBOOM Esports1 : 2Team AdroitTeam Adroit$3,000
2019-11-25CA3rdA2Tier 3Hashtag Indy Tournament Season 2Hashtag Indy Tournament Season 2MS ChonburiMS ChonburiMS Chonburi4/2/1Grp S.$2,320
2018-12-20AA1stA2Tier 3joinDOTA League Season 14 AsiajoinDOTA League Season 14 AsiaPG.BarracxPG.BarracxPG.Barracx3 : 0VeteranVeteran$2,000
2018-12-09DA4thA2Tier 3AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018PG.BarracxPG.BarracxPG.Barracx0 : 1OGOG$3,616
2018-10-21BA2ndA2Tier 3Southeast Asia Cyber Arena 2018 FinalsSoutheast Asia Cyber Arena 2018 FinalsPG.BarracxPG.BarracxPG.Barracx1 : 2TigersTigers$6,585
2018-10-06AA1stA6QualifierSoutheast Asia Cyber Arena 2018 Indonesia QualifierSoutheast Asia Cyber Arena 2018 Indonesia QualifierPG.BarracxPG.BarracxPG.Barracx2 : 1The PrimeThe Prime$3,300
2018-01-21GA7 - 8thA0Tier 1Galaxy Battles II: Emerging WorldsGalaxy Battles II: Emerging WorldsPG.BarracxPG.BarracxPG.Barracx0 : 1paiN GamingpaiN Gaming$20,000
2017-10-29BA2ndA2Tier 3New Blood Championships 2017New Blood Championships 2017PG.BarracxPG.BarracxPG.Barracx0 : 3SkyvilleSkyville$6,250
2017-04-23BA2ndA2Tier 3Indonesia Games Championship 2017Indonesia Games Championship 2017EVOS EsportsEVOS EsportsEVOS Esports0 : 2BOOM IDBOOM ID$3,800
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