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Root (Game Mechanics)

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Caught you.

Root (also known as a Net, Entangle, or Ensnare) is a status effect that roots units in place and prevents them from moving or casting most movement altering abilities. Rooted units can still turn, attack, cast spells, and use items. Root cancels Town Portal Scrolls and prevents them from being used. Invisible units will also be revealed.

Root Abilities[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Notes
Crystal Maiden Frostbite Disarms the target
Reveals invisible units
Ember Spirit Searing Chains Reveals invisible units
Meepo Earthbind Reveals invisible units
Naga Siren Ensnare Reveals invisible units
Oracle Fortune's End
Shadow Demon Demonic Purge Roots creeps only
Techies Stasis Trap Reveals invisible units
Treant Protector Overgrowth Disarms the target
Reveals invisible units
Underlord Pit of Malice Reveals invisible units
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability Notes
Spirit Bear Entangling Claws Reveals invisible units
Neutral Abilities
Neutral Ability Notes
Ancient Prowler Shaman Petrify Disarms the target
Reveals invisible units
Dark Troll Summoner Ensnare
Item Abilities
Item Ability Notes
Diffusal Blade Purge Roots creeps only
Rod of Atos Cripple Reveals invisible units
Clumsy Net Ensnare Ensnares the enemy and yourself.

Abilities disabled by Root[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Anti-Mage Blink
Chaos Knight Reality Rift
Earth Spirit Rolling Boulder
Earthshaker Enchant Totem
Ember Spirit Activate Fire Remnant
Faceless Void Time Walk
Magnus Skewer
Meepo Poof
Mirana Leap
Monkey King Tree Dance
Primal Spring
Morphling Waveform
Nature's Prophet Teleportation
Pangolier Swashbuckle
Rolling Thunder
Phantom Assassin Phantom Strike
Phoenix Icarus Dive
Puck Phase Shift
Queen of Pain Blink
Riki Blink Strike
Tricks of the Trade
Sand King Burrowstrike
Slark Pounce
Spirit Breaker Charge of Darkness
Storm Spirit Ball Lightning
Timbersaw Timber Chain
Tusk Snowball
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Blink Dagger Blink

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