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SK Trophy is a tournament organized by SK-Gaming. After hosting a number of SK Trophy tournaments in both StarCraft II and League of Legends, SK-Gaming decided to expand to Dota 2 in March 2013.[1] Casters for the tournament are John "Boberg" Boberg (in English), Ivan "pingeee" Nikiforov (in Russian) as well as Arena Gaming TV (in Portuguese).[1]


8 invited teams are invited and divided into a single elimination bracket. The quarter finals and semi finals are played as best-of-three's, and the final is played as a best-of-five.[2]

Prize pool[edit]

The prize money of $1,000 is all taken home by the winner of the tournament.


Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up
SK Trophy #1 2013.03.23 - 2013.03.26 QPAD Red Pandas Absolute Legends
SK Trophy #2 2013.07.06 - 2013.07.08 Oslik Gaming TCM-Gaming

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