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[e][h] SVG
Player Information
Avery Silverman
December 5, 1993 (1993-12-05) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
Signature Hero:
Bane Elder Titan Witch Doctor
Approx. Total Earnings:
2015-08-?? — 2015-09-01
2015-09-01 — 2015-11-27
2015-12-06 — 2016-05-16
2016-05-16 — 2016-08-19
Evil Geniuses (Coach)
2016-09-08 — 2017-04-06
2017-05-28 — 2017-12-19
Evil Geniuses (Coach)
2018-01-05 — 2018-02-03
2018-02-17 — 2018-08-29
2018-08-29 — 2018-09-14
2018-09-14 — 2019-03-24
2019-09-27 — 2019-11-05
2019-11-05 — 2020-03-25
2020-03-25 — 2021-10-17

Avery "SVG" Silverman is an American professional Dota 2 player who last captained Quincy Crew.


SVG is a support player that started off playing in North American teams such as Dark Horse, Cloud 9 and Shazam, and was considered to be one of the best North American supports in the scene. He later on became the coach for Evil Geniuses in May 2016, helping them reach third place at The International 2016.

Following the International, he departed from the organisation and joined EternalEnvy's new team, Team NP with other notable players from the North American region. After some mixed results with that team, he was removed from the roster and returned to coach EG for another TI. However, this time he was unable to help them reach a similarly impressive result.

In the beginning of 2018, he returned to active play when he briefly captained Team World, a team made up of members from all across the globe. Unfortunately, this team would be short lived and SVG went on to found a North American stack that was later picked up by VGJ.Storm. With this team, he won his first LAN tournament ever at GESC Thailand.[1] At TI that year, VGJ.Storm started off very strong by topping their group ahead of heavy favorites However, at the main event, they were dropped down to the Lower Bracket in the first round by eventual champions OG and soon after were eliminated by Team Secret.

Following TI8, SVG and his team departed VGJ.Storm and joined a new organization in Forward Gaming. Despite a lot of potential and promise shown by the team, they were unable to connect to their performance of the previous season. After disappointingly early exits at the first three Majors of the season, SVG decided to retire from active play in March 2019.[2]


2021-10-13IC9 - 12thA0Tier 1The International 2021The International 2021Quincy CrewQuincy CrewQuincy Crew0 : 2OGOG$800,400
2021-05-20AA1stA1Tier 2Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Upper DivisionDota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Upper DivisionQuincy CrewQuincy CrewQuincy Crew7/-/0Grp S.$30,000
2020-12-06AA1stA1Tier 2Realms Collide: The Burning DarknessRealms Collide: The Burning DarknessQuincy CrewQuincy CrewQuincy Crew3 : 1InfamousInfamous$24,000
2020-08-30AA1stA1Tier 2ESL One Thailand 2020: AmericasESL One Thailand 2020: AmericasQuincy CrewQuincy CrewQuincy Crew3 : 0Thunder PredatorThunder Predator$28,000
2020-06-29AA1stA1Tier 2BTS Pro Series Season 2: AmericasBTS Pro Series Season 2: AmericasQuincy CrewQuincy CrewQuincy Crew3 : 24 Zoomers4 Zoomers$21,000
2019-11-10BA2ndA1Tier 2DOTA Summit 11DOTA Summit 11Chaos Esports ClubChaos Esports ClubChaos Esports Club0 : 3Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming$60,000
2018-08-23GA7 - 8thA0Tier 1The International 2018The International 2018VGJ.StormVGJ.StormVGJ.Storm0 : 2Team SecretTeam Secret$638,304
2018-05-20BA2ndA0Tier 1MDL Changsha MajorMDL Changsha MajorVGJ.StormVGJ.StormVGJ.Storm0 : 3PSG.LGDPSG.LGD$200,000
2018-05-12AA1stA1Tier 2GESC: Thailand Dota2 MinorGESC: Thailand Dota2 MinorVGJ.StormVGJ.StormVGJ.Storm2 : 0Keen GamingKeen Gaming$110,000
2016-12-09EC5 - 8thA0Tier 1The Boston Major 2016The Boston Major 2016Team NPTeam NPTeam NP0 : 2Digital ChaosDigital Chaos$125,000
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2017-12-16FA6 - 7thA1Tier 2DOTA Summit 8DOTA Summit 8Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 2OGOG$9,000
2017-12-03CA3rdA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 8DreamLeague Season 8Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 2Team LiquidTeam Liquid$100,000
2017-11-24CA3rdA1Tier 2Midas Mode - North AmericaMidas Mode - North AmericaEvil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 2VGJ.StormVGJ.Storm$4,500
2017-10-28EA5 - 6thA0Tier 1ESL One Hamburg 2017ESL One Hamburg 2017Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses1 : 2NewbeeNewbee$40,000
2017-10-22CA3 - 4thA1Tier 2PGL Open BucharestPGL Open BucharestEvil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 2LGD GamingLGD Gaming$30,000
2017-08-08IC9 - 12thA0Tier 1The International 2017The International 2017Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 2Team EmpireTeam Empire$370,319
2017-07-08EA5 - 6thA0Tier 1Mars Dota 2 League 2017Mars Dota 2 League 2017Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses1 : 2OGOG$12,500
2017-06-11BA2ndA0Tier 1EPICENTER 2017EPICENTER 2017Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses1 : 3Team LiquidTeam Liquid$100,000
2016-08-13CA3rdA0Tier 1The International 2016The International 2016Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses1 : 2Digital ChaosDigital Chaos$2,180,898
2016-06-07MC13 - 16thA0Tier 1The Manila Major 2016The Manila Major 2016Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 1VG.RebornVG.Reborn$30,000
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