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Secret Shop

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Secret Shop minimap locations


The Secret Shop is an in-game vendor which sells some of the more base items in the game. There are two shop locations, one for each faction, located in the forest between the middle lane and the hard lane. The Courier also has a special command to go to the Secret Shop.

The Radiant Secret Shop range is:

  • 300 range from the west and north sides
  • 500 range from the south side
  • 700 range from the east side

The Dire Secret Shop range is:

  • 600 range from the east, north, and south sides
  • 800 range from the west and southwest sides


Secret Shop[edit]

Energy Booster

Talisman of Evasion

Mystic Staff

Vitality Booster



Point Booster

Ultimate Orb



Demon Edge

Sacred Relic


The following items can be completed with items solely from the secret shop.

Soul Booster

Moon Shard

Octarine Core

Divine Rapier

Scythe of Vyse

Eye of Skadi

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