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A Skillshot describes some of the many abilities in Dota 2 which require careful aim or perfect timing. They rely greatly on execution and will prove worthless or wasted if not used correctly.

Mirana's Sacred Arrow is a good example of an aimed skillshot. It is an aimed projectile only hitting a single target. Not only can an enemy hero dodge it, an enemy creep could also get in the way and block the shot from the intended target. A good example of a timed skillshot is the Invoker's Sun Strike. This spell will hit a targeted area anywhere on the map, but there's a delay between casting and impact, meaning your target could have moved away from the blast zone by the time it hits.

Below is a list of the various skillshots. A division is made between Aimed Skillshots and Timed Skillshots. The former relies mainly on the direction of the projectile and place of the casting area, while the latter relies more on simply getting the timing right.

Aimed Skillshots[edit]

Hero Ability Benefits
Ancient Apparition Ice Blast Damage and debuff all enemies
Batrider Flamebreak Damage and knockback all enemies
Beastmaster Wild Axes Deal damage to all enemies
Clockwerk Rocket Flare Damage all enemies
Hookshot Long distance initiation
Death Prophet Crypt Swarm Damage all enemies
Dragon Knight Breathe Fire Damage all enemies
Drow Ranger Gust Silences and knocks back
Earth Spirit Boulder Smash Deal damage to all enemies
Rolling Boulder Move fast and damage an enemy
Earthshaker Fissure Stun all enemies, create a temporary wall
Elder Titan Earth Splitter Deal damage to all enemies
Invoker Chaos Meteor Damage all enemies
Deafening Blast Damage, stun, and disarm all enemies
Ice Wall Slow all enemies to minimum movespeed
Tornado Damage and cyclone all enemies
Io Spirits Explodes on heroes, passes through creeps and still deals damage
Jakiro Dual Breath Damage all enemies
Ice Path Any enemy touching the path will get stunned
Macropyre Create a high damage burning area
Lina Dragon Slave Damage all enemies
Lion Earth Spike Stun all enemies
Magnus Shockwave Deal high damage to all enemies
Skewer Deal damage and push all enemies
Meepo Earthbind Disables all enemies, usable by all meepos
Mirana Sacred Arrow Long range damage and stun, higher damage and longer stun depending on distance thrown
Monkey King Boundless Strike Stun and damage all enemies
Nyx Assassin Impale Stun all enemies
Puck Illusory Orb High damage nuke to all enemies
Can teleport to orb and dodge attacks
Pudge Meat Hook Pull an enemy to kill them, pull an ally to save them
Queen of Pain Sonic Wave Deal high damage to all enemies
Shadow Demon Shadow Poison Build stacks on all targets to cause increased damage
Shadow Fiend Shadowraze Deal massive damage to all enemies
Skywrath Mage Mystic Flare Deal damage to all enemies
Slark Pounce Holds enemy in place and prevents escape
Spectre Spectral Dagger Slows all enemies in path
Timbersaw Timber Chain Target trees to maneuver quickly and deal damage while moving
Chakram Damage all enemies on both activation and return
Tiny Avalanche Damage and stun all enemies
Troll Warlord Whirling Axes (Ranged) Strike and debuff all enemies
Tusk Ice Shards Boxes enemies within the shards
Vengeful Spirit Wave of Terror Damage and lower the armor of all enemies
Venomancer Venomous Gale Poison and slow all enemies
Undying Decay Deal damage and steal Strength from all enemies
Weaver The Swarm Latches on enemies, dealing damage and granting vision while reducing armor
Windranger Shackleshot Pin an enemy to another enemy or tree, greatly extending the stun duration
Powershot Nuke all enemies

Timed Skillshots[edit]

Hero Ability Benefits
Bloodseeker Blood Rite Damage all enemies
Disruptor Kinetic Field Traps enemies within a fenced radius
Elder Titan Echo Stomp Deal damage and sleep all enemies
Gyrocopter Call Down Damage and slow enemies within radius
Invoker EMP Drains mana and damages enemies within the radius
Sun Strike Damage enemies from anywhere on the map
Keeper of the Light Illuminate Clearing lanes, harass enemies
Kunkka Torrent Damage and stun all enemies
Ghost Ship Damage and stun all enemies, buff all allies
Leshrac Split Earth Damage and stun all enemies
Lina Light Strike Array Stun and damage all enemies
Monkey King Primal Spring Slow and damage all enemies
Pugna Nether Blast Damage enemies and buildings within radius
Visage Stone Form Damage and stun all enemies

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