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Speed Gaming (Organization)

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[e][h]Speed Gaming
Organization Information

Speed Gaming was a team consisting of the former mix of players from Kaipi, who were picked up by the RattleSnake organization in September 2013. After sporting the name for about a month, they were renamed Speed Gaming in an attempt to be more recognizable throughout the community.[1]


  • February 9th - The current international roster consisting of pieliedie, EternalEnvy, aui_2000, bone7, and SingSing leave the organisation and are signed by Cloud9.[2]
  • March 18th - "SPG.CN", the Chinese Speed Gaming team is revealed as they play their first game in the 2014 WPC-ACE Qualifiers.
  • September 22nd - Speed announces their new Chinese team.[3]
  • September 19th - RattleSnake signs an international squad consisting of former Kaipi members: pieliedie, EternalEnvy, aui_2000, bone7, and SingSing.[4]
  • October 9th - The squad is renamed to Speed Gaming in an attempt to be more recognizable throughout the community with its own identity.[1]
  • November 9th - Arteezy joins Speed as a temporary 6th member to compete at MLG as bOne7 was unable to make it to the US.[5]
  • November 24th - Speed Gaming win MLG Championship Columbus
  • November 25th - Manager Marco 'Thyton' Fernandez is fired from the organization after delayed payments and internal conflicts between the players and management.[6]


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