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Spellblock Interactions

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Magic shall not prevail.

Below is a list of all single target spells that are blocked by Spellblock and reflected by Echo Shell.

All listed abilities are blocked/reflected on cast unless otherwise noted.

Abilities Affected[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Blocked / Reflected
Abaddon Mist Coil
Alchemist Unstable Concoction On impact by all affected units
Ancient Apparition Cold Feet
Anti-Mage Mana Void On primary target
Axe Battle Hunger
Culling Blade
Bane Enfeeble
Brain Sap
Fiend's Grip
Batrider Flaming Lasso
Beastmaster Primal Roar On primary target
Bloodseeker Bloodrage
Bounty Hunter Shuriken Toss On impact
Brewmaster Drunken Haze On primary target
Bristleback Viscous Nasal Goo On impact
Broodmother Spawn Spiderlings On impact
Centaur Warrunner Double Edge On primary target
Chaos Knight Chaos Bolt On impact
Reality Rift
Chen Penitence
Test of Faith
Crystal Maiden Frostbite
Dazzle Poison Touch On impact
Death Prophet Spirit Siphon
Disruptor Thunder Strike On primary target
Doom Doom Doom
Dragon Knight Dragon Tail
Earth Spirit Boulder Smash
Enchant Remnant
Enchantress Enchant
Enigma Malefice
Gyrocopter Homing Missile On impact
Huskar Life Break On impact
Invoker Cold Snap
Juggernaut Omnislash On primary target
Keeper of the Light Mana Leak
Kunkka X Marks the Spot
Legion Commander Duel
Leshrac Lightning Storm On primary target
Lich Frost Blast On primary target
Chain Frost On impact (if it wasn't already blocked on cast)
Lifestealer Open Wounds
Lina Laguna Blade
Lion Earth Spike On impact
Mana Drain
Finger of Death
Luna Lucent Beam
Medusa Mystic Snake On impact
Morphling Adaptive Strike On impact
Naga Siren Ensnare On impact
Nature's Prophet Sprout
Wrath of Nature
Necrophos Reaper's Scythe
Night Stalker Void
Crippling Fear
Nyx Assassin Mana Burn
Ogre Magi Fireblast
Ignite On impact (on cast if Multicast)
On primary target
Unrefined Fireblast
Oracle Fortune's End On impact
On primary target
Fate's Edict
Purifying Flames
Outworld Devourer Astral Imprisonment
Phantom Assassin Stifling Dagger On impact
Phantom Strike
Phantom Lancer Spirit Lance On impact
Pudge Dismember
Pugna Decrepify
Life Drain
Queen of Pain Shadow Strike On impact
Razor Static Link
Riki Blink Strike
Rubick Telekinesis
Fade Bolt On primary target
Sand King Burrowstrike On impact
Shadow Demon Disruption
Demonic Purge
Shadow Shaman Ether Shock On primary target
Silencer Last Word
Skywrath Mage Arcane Bolt On impact
Ancient Seal
Slardar Amplify Damage
Sniper Assassinate On impact
Spirit Breaker Charge of Darkness On primary target
Nether Strike On primary target
Storm Spirit Electric Vortex
Sven Storm Hammer On impact
On primary target
Terrorblade Sunder
Tidehunter Gush On impact
Tinker Laser On primary target
Treant Protector Leech Seed
Tusk Walrus Kick
Undying Soul Rip
Vengeful Spirit Magic Missile On impact
Nether Swap
Viper Viper Strike On impact
Visage Grave Chill
Soul Assumption On impact
Warlock Fatal Bonds On primary target
Shadow Word
Windranger Shackleshot On impact
On primary target
Focus Fire
Winter Wyvern Splinter Blast On impact
On primary target
Winter's Curse On primary target
Witch Doctor Paralyzing Cask On impact
Wraith King Wraithfire Blast On impact
Zeus Arc Lightning On primary target
Lightning Bolt On impact
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability Notes
Earth Hurl Boulder On impact
Storm Cyclone
Necronomicon Archer Mana Burn
Mud Golem
Shard Golem
Hurl Boulder On impact
Harpy Stormcrafter Chain Lightning On primary target
Satyr Banisher Purge
Satyr Mindstealer Mana Burn
Dark Troll Summoner Ensnare
Item Abilities
Item Ability Notes
Abyssal Blade Overwhelm
Dagon Energy Burst
Diffusal Blade Purge
Ethereal Blade Ether Blast On impact
Eul's Scepter of Divinity Cyclone
Force Staff Force
Heaven's Halberd Disarm
Orchid Malevolence Soul Burn
Rod of Atos Cripple
Scythe of Vyse Hex


Blocks/reflects from one but not the other.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Notes
Rubick Spell Steal Is not reflected by Lotus Orb
Is blocked by Linken's Sphere
Spectre Spectral Dagger Is not reflected by Lotus Orb
Triggers Linken's Sphere on secondary targets
Tiny Toss Is reflected by Lotus Orb
Is not blocked by Linken's Sphere
Tusk Snowball Is reflected by Lotus Orb
Is not blocked by Linken's Sphere

Unaffected Spells[edit]

Is not blocked or reflected despite being a single target spell.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Omniknight Repel
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Medallion of Courage Valor
Solar Crest Shine
Urn of Shadows Soul Release

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