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Standard Attack

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Stand and deliver.

A standard attack (also commonly known as an auto attack or a right click) is any unit's default attack. It is performed by right clicking the target, or attack command & left clicking the target.

Attack Damage[edit]

An example showing base damage on the left and bonus damage on the right.

47 base damage + 18 bonus damage is shown above

Base Damage[edit]

On the HUD, a unit's base damage value is shown as a white number on the left. Base damage is a unit's default damage value. For heroes it is their given damage value plus their total primary attribute. Percentage-based attack damage bonuses only affect base damage.

Bonus Damage[edit]

On the HUD, a unit's bonus damage value is shown as a green number on the right. It is damage given by sources other than the hero, such as damage items. It is not affected by Percentage-based attack damage bonuses.

Damage Spread[edit]

Each unit in the game has damage spread on their standard attacks. This damage spread is a random variance between a minimum and a maximum value. For example, if your hero is stated to deal 100 damage, but has a damage spread of 10, your hero can deal 105 on the highest roll, and 95 on the lowest roll. The total shown next to the sword icon is the average between the minimum and maximum values. The smaller a hero's damage spread, the more consistent their damage is.

Hero Damage Spreads[edit]

Heroes Damage Spread
Chaos Knight 30
Phantom Lancer 22
DazzleTroll Warlord 18
DoomSand King 16
Outworld Destroyer 15
Bounty HunterNature's ProphetSilencerVengeful Spirit 14
Death ProphetLinaMagnusWindranger 12
Drow RangerPuck 11
AbaddonAncient ApparitionArc WardenBristlebackChenEarth SpiritEarthshakerElder Titan
EnchantressGyrocopterKunkkaLifestealerOmniknightPhoenixRubickSkywrath Mage
Spirit BreakerStorm SpiritVisageWarlockWeaverWitch Doctor
AlchemistHuskarIoLichMorphling 9
JakiroPugnaQueen of PainSlardarSlarkTreant ProtectorUndyingZeusDark Willow 8
BrewmasterKeeper of the LightShadow ShamanWinter Wyvern 7
BaneBloodseekerBroodmotherClinkzCrystal MaidenDark SeerDragon KnightEnigma
Faceless VoidInvokerLionLunaMedusaMeepoMonkey KingOgre Magi
OraclePudgeShadow FiendSniperTemplar AssassinTerrorbladeTidehunterTinker
LycanMirana 5
Anti-MageAxeBatriderBeastmasterDisruptorEmber SpiritJuggernautLegion Commander
LeshracLone DruidNecrophosNight StalkerNyx AssassinRikiShadow DemonSpectre
Centaur WarrunnerClockwerkNaga SirenPhantom AssassinRazorSvenTechiesVenomancer
ViperWraith King

Percentage-based Attack Damage Bonus[edit]

These buffs only increase base damage, not bonus damage.

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