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StarLadder StarSeries Season 5

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[e][h]StarLadder StarSeries Season 5
League Information
Online & Offline
Ukraine Kyiv
Online League Play,
Offline Playoffs
Prize Pool:
$15,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


Prize Pool[edit]

A total of $15,000 is spread as seen below.


  • Teams
    • Top ten teams from StarSeries Season 4.
    • Top two teams from Pro Series Season 4.
    • Two teams from two online qualifiers.
  • Online League
    • Round Robin
    • Series played in bo1 format
  • Offline Finals
    • Top 4 teams from League
    • Double-elimination bo3
    • Grand Final bo5


1Russia Sharfik
2Russia Dread
3Russia Nexus
4Russia Solo
5Russia lolik
1 Ice Climbers was signed by 3D!Clan.
Full team rosters are available here.


League Play[edit]

League Play
1. No TidehunterNo Tidehunter No Tidehunter 14-1 42 p
2. Fnatic.EUFnatic.EU Fnatic.EU 13-2 39 p
3. 12-3 36 p
4. Team EmpireTeam Empire Team Empire 11-4 33 p
5. mousesportsmousesports mousesports 10-5 30 p
6. Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere 10-5 30 p
7. 4 Friends + Chrillee4 Friends + Chrillee 4 Friends + Chrillee 7-8 21 p
8. 3D!Clan3D!Clan 3D!Clan 6-9 18 p
9. RoX.KISRoX.KIS RoX.KIS 6-9 18 p
10. DD.DotaDD.Dota DD.Dota 6-9 18 p
11. Lions PrideLions Pride Lions Pride 6-9 18 p
12. TCM-GamingTCM-Gaming TCM-Gaming 5-10 15 p
13. Power RangersPower Rangers Power Rangers 5-10 15 p
14. 3DMAX3DMAX 3DMAX 4-11 12 p
15. Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends Absolute Legends 4-11 12 p
16. freedom of the actionfreedom of the action freedom of the action 1-14 3 p
3D!Clan3D!Clan1-0Mar 70-1Mar 130-1Mar 61-0Mar 160-1Mar 41-0Feb 221-0Feb 150-1Feb 160-1Feb 280-1Mar 100-1Mar 171-0Feb 181-0Feb 240-1Mar 170-1Feb 19
3DMAX3DMAX0-1Mar 70-1Mar 51-0Mar 170-1Feb 150-1Mar 161-0Mar 100-1Feb 160-1Feb 260-1Feb 270-1Mar 111-0Mar 150-1Mar 140-1Mar 11-0Feb 200-1Mar 11
4 Friends + Chrillee4 Friends + Chrillee1-0Mar 131-0Mar 51-0Feb 160-1Mar 60-1Mar 110-1Feb 151-0Mar 150-1Mar 120-1Mar 130-1Mar 31-0Mar 101-0Mar 151-0Feb 210-1Mar 160-1Feb 16
Absolute LegendsAbsolute Legends1-0Mar 60-1Mar 170-1Feb 160-1Mar 70-1Feb 231-0Mar 150-1Mar 80-1Mar 10-1Mar 50-1Mar 31-0Feb 210-1Mar 81-0Feb 150-1Mar 80-1Feb 22
DD.DotaDD.Dota0-1Mar 161-0Feb 151-0Mar 61-0Mar 70-1Feb 251-0Mar 10-1Mar 31-0Feb 170-1Mar 140-1Feb 271-0Feb 240-1Feb 230-1Feb 180-1Mar 130-1Mar 13
Fnatic.EUFnatic.EU1-0Mar 41-0Mar 161-0Mar 111-0Feb 231-0Feb 251-0Mar 21-0Feb 270-1Mar 31-0Feb 191-0Feb 201-0Mar 10-1Feb 171-0Mar 181-0Mar 61-0Feb 18
freedom of the actionfreedom of the action0-1Feb 220-1Mar 101-0Feb 150-1Mar 150-1Mar 10-1Mar 20-1Feb 200-1Mar 50-1Mar 170-1Mar 110-1Feb 280-1Mar 140-1Feb 270-1Feb 250-1Feb 26
Lions PrideLions Pride0-1Feb 151-0Feb 160-1Mar 151-0Mar 81-0Mar 30-1Feb 271-0Feb 200-1Mar 70-1Mar 100-1Feb 261-0Feb 210-1Mar 111-0Feb 220-1Mar 120-1Mar 7
mousesportsmousesports1-0Feb 161-0Feb 261-0Mar 121-0Mar 10-1Feb 171-0Mar 31-0Mar 51-0Mar 71-0Mar 100-1Mar 100-1Mar 171-0Mar 161-0Feb 230-1Feb 180-1Mar 18
Natus VincereNatus Vincere1-0Feb 281-0Feb 271-0Mar 131-0Mar 51-0Mar 140-1Feb 191-0Mar 171-0Mar 100-1Mar 100-1Feb 250-1Feb 171-0Mar 71-0Mar 31-0Feb 210-1Feb 25
No TidehunterNo Tidehunter1-0Mar 101-0Mar 111-0Mar 31-0Mar 31-0Feb 270-1Feb 201-0Mar 111-0Feb 261-0Mar 101-0Feb 251-0Feb 241-0Mar 41-0Mar 141-0Mar 71-0Mar 4
Power RangersPower Rangers1-0Mar 170-1Mar 150-1Mar 100-1Feb 210-1Feb 240-1Mar 11-0Feb 280-1Feb 211-0Mar 171-0Feb 170-1Feb 241-0Mar 90-1Mar 170-1Feb 150-1Mar 9
RoX.KISRoX.KIS0-1Feb 181-0Mar 140-1Mar 151-0Mar 81-0Feb 231-0Feb 171-0Mar 141-0Mar 110-1Mar 160-1Mar 70-1Mar 40-1Mar 90-1Mar 150-1Feb 280-1Feb 25
TCM-GamingTCM-Gaming0-1Feb 241-0Mar 10-1Feb 210-1Feb 151-0Feb 180-1Mar 181-0Feb 270-1Feb 220-1Feb 230-1Mar 30-1Mar 141-0Mar 171-0Mar 150-1Feb 220-1Feb 20
Team EmpireTeam Empire1-0Mar 170-1Feb 201-0Mar 161-0Mar 81-0Mar 130-1Mar 61-0Feb 251-0Mar 121-0Feb 180-1Feb 210-1Mar 71-0Feb 151-0Feb 281-0Feb 221-0Feb 23
Virtus.proVirtus.pro1-0Feb 191-0Mar 111-0Feb 161-0Feb 221-0Mar 130-1Feb 181-0Feb 261-0Mar 71-0Mar 181-0Feb 250-1Mar 41-0Mar 91-0Feb 251-0Feb 200-1Feb 23
3D!Clan3D!Clan3DMAX3DMAX4 Friends + Chrillee4 Friends + ChrilleeAbsolute LegendsAbsolute LegendsDD.DotaDD.DotaFnatic.EUFnatic.EUfreedom of the actionfreedom of the actionLions PrideLions PridemousesportsmousesportsNatus VincereNatus VincereNo TidehunterNo TidehunterPower RangersPower RangersRoX.KISRoX.KISTCM-GamingTCM-GamingTeam EmpireTeam


Upper Bracket Round 1
No TidehunterNo Tidehunter No Tidehunter
April 4, 2013 - 17:02 UTC
Nyx Assassin Nature's Prophet Gyrocopter Leshrac Puck
Lone Druid Magnus Lifestealer Bane Treant Protector
Nyx Assassin Magnus Chen Windranger Anti-Mage
Keeper of the Light Dark Seer Gyrocopter Queen of Pain Earthshaker
Team EmpireTeam Empire Team Empire
Fnatic.EUFnatic.EU Fnatic.EU
April 4, 2013 - 12:02 UTC
Puck Dark Seer Rubick Enchantress Lycan
Batrider Leshrac Gyrocopter Lone Druid Lion
Dark Seer Lifestealer Keeper of the Light Rubick Luna
Lone Druid Puck Bane Leshrac Chaos Knight
Upper Bracket Final
No TidehunterNo Tidehunter No Tidehunter
April 5, 2013 - 19:48 UTC
Io Magnus Chaos Knight Leshrac Clockwerk
Nyx Assassin Lone Druid Gyrocopter Jakiro Brewmaster
Keeper of the Light Nyx Assassin Magnus Clockwerk Phantom Lancer
Lone Druid Gyrocopter Bane Rubick Storm Spirit
Lower Bracket Round 1
Team EmpireTeam Empire Team Empire
April 5, 2013 - 13:34 UTC
Batrider Lone Druid Treant Protector Juggernaut Shadow Shaman
Keeper of the Light Puck Gyrocopter Earthshaker Warlock
Nature's Prophet Keeper of the Light Bane Queen of Pain Sven
Puck Gyrocopter Earthshaker Leshrac Storm Spirit
Keeper of the Light Gyrocopter Queen of Pain Templar Assassin Undying
Nature's Prophet Rubick Earthshaker Sven Outworld Destroyer
Fnatic.EUFnatic.EU Fnatic.EU
Lower Bracket Final
April 6, 2013 - 17:31 UTC
Batrider Dark Seer Lifestealer Rubick Keeper of the Light
Puck Gyrocopter Bane Lina Magnus
Lone Druid Gyrocopter Leshrac Lion Night Stalker
Batrider Nature's Prophet Bane Lina Sven
Fnatic.EUFnatic.EU Fnatic.EU
Grand Finals (Bo5)
No TidehunterNo Tidehunter No Tidehunter
April 7, 2013 - 17:44 UTC
Lone Druid Magnus Leshrac Ogre Magi Treant Protector
Puck Batrider Bane Earthshaker Luna
Nyx Assassin Keeper of the Light Puck Clockwerk Spectre
Nature's Prophet Magnus Gyrocopter Bane Lina
Magnus Nature's Prophet Keeper of the Light Shadow Shaman Lycan
Chen Lone Druid Phantom Lancer Leshrac Beastmaster
Lone Druid Keeper of the Light Gyrocopter Rubick Night Stalker
Puck Nature's Prophet Earthshaker Leshrac Sven
No Tidehunter had a 1-0 lead as the upper bracket winner.
Fnatic.EUFnatic.EU Fnatic.EU

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