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Dota is a game with a remarkably diverse number of viable strategies. There are also multiple ways to look at strategy within Dota, which makes it a complicated matter to discuss. Strategy can be talked about on a Hero specific scale, with respect to lane partner pairing, positioning, and roles, as well as at an overall team level. It is very commonly accepted that Dota has a constantly evolving metagame which changes the usability rapidly. Each level of division builds into the next, creating huge amounts for permutations and combinations.

Hero Skill and Item Builds[edit]

Heroes can be manipulated remarkable ways within Dota. The order in which skills are acquired and improved greatly changes the way many heroes play during different stages of the game, making them very versatile. Perhaps even more remarkable are passive and active changes brought on by items. Certain items can make a Hero better fill a specific role as lane support or damage dealer, and in some cases even give powers not necessarily native when looking at them from a starting perspective.

Lane Pairing and Positions[edit]

What Heroes are paired with each other and what lanes each Hero occupies is incredibly important in Dota. All pairings have certain strengths and weaknesses that need to be taken into account if you are to achieve good performance in the early to mid game stages. Important things to take into account:

  • Which hero will have a solo lane?
  • Will we have a jungler?
  • Will Hero X and Hero Y be able to combat Hero A and Hero B effectively in lane?

Team Strategies[edit]

Team strategies are best defined as the overall play style your team, as a whole, wishes to accomplish. These strategies become important during the mid to late game stages where it is crucial to have a team which works well as a whole. Areas considered at this stage:

  • Will we focus on out team fighting or out tower pushing?
  • How aggressive will we push as a team?